In the news: Durham County according to the NYT

From Alessandra Stanley of the New York Times:

  • You Think Life Is Mild North of the Border?
    “Any lingering illusion that Canada is a milder, blander version of the United States is dispelled by “Durham County,” a Canadian-made crime series that begins on Monday on the Ion network. It takes a while to realize that this scary, well-made thriller was not made in America. Durham County has all the signposts of a Hollywood production: lush theme music and stark cinematography, a brooding homicide detective, barbaric rapes and murders, philanderers, sociopaths, yoga moms and alienated teenagers.” Read more.

From Elizabeth Jensen of the New York Times:

  • Network’s New Energy Source: The Dark
    “If the series succeeds in the United States, Ion plans to take a greater creative role in Season 3, which will start shooting for Canadian television in October, said Leslie Chesloff, Ion’s executive vice president for programming.” Read more.
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2 thoughts on “In the news: Durham County according to the NYT”

  1. ION seems to see what other american television networks can’t. ION is not available on my cable station, and too bad. I loved Durham County season 1 and looking forward to future seasons. So until american TV
    gets on board I guess I will continue to order Durham County when it releases season on DVD. It has all the drama of a Hollywood movie.

    Congrats to Canada

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