In the news: Durham County season 1 reviews, interviews

From Curt Wagner of Chicago Now:

  • ION brings moody, marvelous ‘Durham County’ to U.S.
    “Thank the ION network for bringing this moody Canadian drama to U.S. audiences. A winner of several awards up north, “Durham County” will have you looking under your bed before you go to bed and over your shoulder when you venture outside the next morning. It’s that unsettling.” Read more.

From Rob Owen of the Pittsburg Post-Gazette:

  • TV Review: Ion mines darker material with ‘Durham County’
    “Atmospheric and strange (images of power lines abound for no discernible reason), “Durham County” is not much of a murder mystery — viewers know who the killer(s) are by the end of the first episode — but it is an intriguing crime drama that’s more character-driven than it is procedural.” Read more.

From Kevin McDonough of the South Coast Today:

  • ‘Durham County’: Bleak and pretentious
    “To call Durham dark is the understatement of the year. I’ve seen more violent shows and more disturbing series, but this import about ‘a place full of secrets’ strains to set some new bleak benchmark.” Read more.

From Ian Spelling of Popstar: