Sanctuary Season 2 premieres Oct. 9 on Space

From a media release:

On October 9, Take Shelter with SPACE Original Series SANCTUARY Season 2

  • Canadian production exclusive to SPACE
  • Episodes available on-demand at

Finally, a refuge for all species opens its doors on SPACE with the original series SANCTUARY Season 2. Premiering Friday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. ET, this 13-part, sci-fi adventure is part of SPACE’s ongoing support of Canadian productions. Each episode is available on demand at immediately following its television premiere.

SANCTUARY follows the adventures of the enigmatic scientist Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) who, with her team, shelter a clandestine population of strange and sometimes terrifying beings. Along with forensic psychiatrist Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne), Magnus seeks to protect these imperiled phenomena while unlocking their mysteries.

The Gemini® award-winning first season of SANCTUARY introduced us to a world of rare and special life forms. Full of twists and turns, Season 2 of SANCTUARY raises the bar on the excitement with gripping storylines and new characters. Enter Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi), a witty, sarcastic swindler who begins an uneasy alliance with Dr. Magnus after her relationship with the Cabal dissolves.

Through SANCTUARY Season 2, viewers can experience stunning visuals, incredible special effects and gripping adventures with a big-screen feel. Taking sci-fi storytelling to a new level with breakthrough technology, SANCTUARY Season 2 is shot almost entirely on green screen and is the first series to exclusively use the RED® camera to enhance its awe-inspiring images.

SANCTUARY Season 2 is a SPACE original production, shot in Vancouver. Fraser Robinson is Director of Content for SPACE, Rebecca DiPasquale is Manager of Development for SPACE and Rachel Goldstein-Couto is Program Manager for SPACE and The Comedy Network. SANCTUARY was created by Damian Kindler (STARGATE SG-1, STARGATE ATLANTIS), executive produced by Damian Kindler, Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood with Andrea Gorfolova, Carrie Mudd and Keith Beedie.