The story behind The Red Green Show

redgreencastFrom a media release:

The Comedy Network Reveals The True Colours of THE RED GREEN SHOW with THE RED GREEN STORY: We’re All In This Together, Premiering September 20

  • RED GREEN SHOW cast explain how a bunch of not-so-handy-men can create and star in Canada’s second longest-running comedy series ever

What’s a home-improvement parody show without determination, blunders and duct tape? Premiering Sunday, Sept. 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, the new Comedy Network original production THE RED GREEN STORY: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER uncovers the struggles, the success and the creativity behind THE RED GREEN SHOW, one of the longest-running comedies in Canadian television history. For on-demand viewing of this all-new one-hour special, check out

THE RED GREEN STORY is the definitive retrospective of the low-budget, quirky comedy series that produced 300 episodes, spawned four books, a newspaper column, and a feature film. Viewers get up close and personal with the RED GREEN SHOW’s Rick Green, Steve Smith, and Patrick McKenna, as they reminisce about the little show that did. Sprinkled with highlight clips and cast interviews, THE RED GREEN STORY: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER explains how it became a success story.

Smith still gets choked up when talking about his heartwarming reunion with his co-stars. “It was great to see the guys again,” he quipped, “They seem to have moved on with their careers and I think in general, there are no hard feelings.”

When Steve Smith set up his fictitious shop in a Hamilton television studio in 1991, little did he know that throughout its 15-year run, THE RED GREEN SHOW would draw in millions of apprentices across the continent. From the campy surroundings of the fictitious Possum Lodge, Red Green and his lumbering crew tackled hundreds of fix-it projects with “creative” solutions usually involving a shortcut, and miles of duct tape. From fishing to marriage, Red Green had a solution in his tool belt for everything. On April 7, 2006, THE RED GREEN SHOW decided to close up shop airing its last episode, leaving behind a legacy as the second-longest running-comedy-series-with-the-most-duct-tape-used, ever.

THE RED GREEN STORY: WE’RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER is an original Comedy Network production, directed by fix-it show guru Mag Ruffman (A REPAIR TO REMEMBER) and Bill Elliott. Executive Producer is David C. Smith and Producer is Max Smith. Wordsmiths are Steve Smith and Mag Ruffman. Michelle Daly is Director of Content, The Comedy Network. Sarah Fowlie is Manager, Original Programming, The Comedy Network.


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  1. looking forward to my idol and his posse back where they belong…if only for a brief while. pointed out to my wife at the very first episode how the suspenders defined the show.

  2. I love ‘The Red Green Show’, I’ve been to the tapings, so I know most
    of the cast, they’re all really nice! I also have ‘The Red Green Story; We’re All In This Together’, DVD that I got through, I’ll be able to watch it on September 20th when it’s shown on Comedy Network!

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