Conviction Kitchen premieres Sunday, September 13 on Citytv

From a media release:

convictionkitchen3studentsWatch as celebrity chef Marc Thuet and his wife/business partner Biana Zorich put a group of ex-cons through the culinary wringer in an attempt to open a high class restaurant and offer the ex-cons a second chance to start a new life. The Citytv original series Conviction Kitchen premieres Sunday, September 13 at 10PM.

With just three weeks before the restaurant doors open, world-renowned executive chef, Marc Thuet, and his wife and business partner, Biana Zorich, put their reputations and finances on the line as they train a staff of former bank robbers, thieves and minor offenders, completely outfit a brand new business, and create an Italian menu around fresh and seasonal ingredients. Having lived through some extreme circumstances, this motley crew is eager for a new lease on life, but it won’t be easy.

In the premiere episode Marc and Biana meet the 24 ex-convicts and waste no time in putting them to the test to determine who will make it to the final twelve. The first day of training sees tempers flare as death threats fly and two trainees walk away from the project. Some of the biggest challenges they will face will be intensely personal as they strive to overcome individual obstacles and inner demons. The clock is ticking as they have just three months to turn a profit before the restaurant is shut down and their dream of a leading a straight life disappears faster than a snitch in the pen.

From prison kitchen cooks to gourmet restaurant chefs see who has what it takes to make it on the outside when Conviction Kitchen premieres as follows:

Broadcast information:

Citytv Toronto Sunday, September 13 at 10 PM ET
Citytv Winnipeg Sunday, September 13 at 10 PM CT
Citytv Calgary Sunday, September 13 at 10 PM MT
Citytv Edmonton Sunday, September 13 at 10 PM MT
Citytv Vancouver Sunday, September 13 at 10 PM PT

An encore presentation of the premiere episode will air Monday, September 14 at 8PM ET/PT (7PM CT, 9PM MT)


3 thoughts on “Conviction Kitchen premieres Sunday, September 13 on Citytv”

  1. We missed the premiere but, my husband and I just caught last night’s episode and are very intrigued.
    Hats off to Marc and Biana for even thinking of the concept. Good Luck on your endeavors.
    We are anticipating the next few shows, and hopefully seasons.

  2. Can’t wait to see it! This one of those moments where moving to the US has its disadvantages – quality TV programing. The “premier” for the US of the show is this Wednesday Jan 6th on Planet Green. We get everything 3 or more months later here – like Top Gear, Doctor Who, Spectacle, and so on.

    This is something only Marc and Biana could pull of.

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