Cancon = Can’tcon?

From Kyle Carpenter of the McGill Tribune:

    “Canada’s television shows – news and non-fiction programs excluded – are terrible compared to their American counterparts. And it’s not only in one genre: we fail in every category imaginable. In response to American comedies like The Office and 30 Rock, we come back with Little Mosque on the Prairie. For their action dramas NCIS and Prison Break, we come up with Flashpoint. Animated shows like Family Guy and South Park are met with Bob & Doug and Chilly Beach. They created Saturday Night Live, we came up with The Royal Canadian Air Farce. The Daily Show? The Rick Mercer Report. Seriously, we couldn’t even get Sesame Street right – we had to create a monster named Sesame Park.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “Cancon = Can’tcon?”

  1. Mr. Carpenter’s argument is itself “made of fail” as the kids of last year used to say. But I see that others are already raising counter-arguments over at the other end of that link…

  2. Yeah, calling it an argument is a bit of stretch even – it’s really a list of shows he doesn’t like compared to similar US shows. But it is a student newspaper, and it generated some interesting discussion.

  3. I like how SCTV is compared to SNL, despite Lorne Michaels launching The Hart and Lorne Terrific Hour on CBC five years before SNL debuted. The ideas have to come from somewhere.

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