Review: Cra$h & Burn episode 1

From Cameron Archer of URBMN:

  • Cra$h & Burn 1.1 – “God Protect Us”
    “I appreciate that Cra$h & Burn is set in the Hammer, but its high concept shouldn’t work. Insurance isn’t normally seen as a sexy profession. This is Showcase’s first hour-long drama, so Showcase’s reputation in this genre will be defined by how well C&B does. It’s not a good start so far.” Read more.
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Diane Wild

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2 thoughts on “Review: Cra$h & Burn episode 1”

  1. This is my favourite show right now. It has an edginess only Showcase can do. But then I have always had a soft spot for Canadian drama’s from Street Legal to Traders.

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