The Time Traveler premieres November 24 on APTN


From a media release:

Premieres Tuesday, November 24

In an effort to save her dying world, a young woman time-travels from the year 3012 to Toronto 2009, where she enlists the help of a young Aboriginal man.

Tune in for the APTN premiere of The Time Traveler, an exciting Sci-fi drama that takes viewers on the journey of a young woman who in an effort to save her dying world, travels back in time from the year 3012 to Toronto 2009, where she enlists the help of a young Aboriginal man.

It is the year 3012. Thanks largely to the practices and wisdom of indigenous cultures, modern people have finally learned to live in harmony with the environment. In some ways humans have attained a utopian society. But despite this, and despite fantastic scientific advances, the human race has become an endangered species: a mysterious flaw in people’s DNA has caused widespread, encroaching infertility. However, a small, renegade group of people have figured out that the one solution to this devastating problem disappeared from earth over a thousand years ago. Luckily, time-travel has just become possible in this amazing future, but unluckily there is a catch: time-travel is illegal, drastically forbidden, and punishable by immediate death.

Nevertheless, a young woman named Nikki decides to travel back in time. She’s only twenty-five, which makes her extremely young in a population where the average age is 386. Nikki is brave and lonely and is willing to take the risk to find a rare strand of DNA that will revive her aged, dying world.

Nikki takes the dangerous time-travel journey and beams back to the year 2009. In present day Toronto, she meets Jackson, a free-spirited urban-Aboriginal guy, down on his luck. Nikki and Jackson really click and she is able to convince him that she’s from the future and that she needs his help. Together they set out – joined by Jackson’s cousin Ray, down from the Rez.

However, ominous complications quickly arise. It becomes apparent that Nikki was not the only time-traveler to arrive in the city that day. Nikki must find out who has followed her and she has to track down the DNA strand, and she must do it quickly: she has just had word from her colleagues in the future that immediately after she travelled back in time, people in her world began to inexplicably die.

As Nikki embarks on her mission she realizes that she is in extreme danger, that she is a pawn in a sinister game and that in order to save her people she has to save herself.

Starring: Meegwun Fairbrother, Elitsa Bako, Ali Adatia, Inna Ivanova, Waawaate Fobister