Flashpoint Season 1 DVD review

From Michael Simpson of CinemaSpy:

  • ‘Flashpoint’ Follows the Right Procedure: But fans won’t be arrested by the Season 1 DVD extras
    “The Toronto-shot procedural Flashpoint has been an outstanding success in the annals of Canadian television. The series is a big hit with viewers in its native country and the 19 Gemini nominations that it received this year testify to the high regard Canada’s industry professionals have for the show. Even more impressive, perhaps, has been the success Flashpoint has achieved in the United States. During its summer run on CBS, the first season w was the network’s top original scripted series. Not since Due South has a Canadian show achieved that sort of success in a TV landscape where procedurals breed like proverbial rabbits.” Read more.

2 thoughts on “Flashpoint Season 1 DVD review”

  1. Flashpoint is the best show to come along since Law and Order. It is as successful in the states as in Canada. CBS just needs to wake up.

  2. Flashpoint is GREAT love the DVD of season1 and can hardly wait for season 2 to come out and can hardly wait till Jan. for the US to see Flashpoint’s season 3. Keep up the good work Flashpoint.

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