In the news: Heartland renewal, Christmas movie

From Canwest News Service:

  • CBC’s Heartland to be renewed for a 4th season
    “Heartland, the drama about a ranching family in Alberta that has grown into one of Canadian TV’s most popular and enduring dramas, has been renewed for a fourth season, according to sources working on the production. And in a piece of news sure to send many more exclamation marks to the website, a Heartland Christmas movie is also in the works, to air next year.” Read more.

3 thoughts on “In the news: Heartland renewal, Christmas movie”

  1. My special needs daughter found the heartland series, now the whole family watches together without embarrasment. Amy’s character inspired my autistic daughter to beg me to get her riding lessons. being unemployed I had to fight to get them as therapy. she is gaining core strength, learning to plan her motions ahead of time, and her love of the horses is streatching her limited memory capacity and developing a new confidence in her we’ve never seen before! Thank you for this healthy (and modest)show! We are so thankful and are forever changed! please keep up the good work!

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