Republic of Doyle premieres January 6 on CBC

From a media release:


  • “Trouble is his business. And business is good.”

Meet Jake Doyle – rogue, charmer, drinker, brawler, emotionally immature and unavailable… and the handsome, P.I. hero of REPUBLIC OF DOYLE, a new one-hour dramatic series premiering on CBC Television on Wednesday, January 6 at 9 p.m.

Doyle (Allan Hawco, ZOS: Zone of Separation, H20) is a new breed of private investigator, cracking cases – and the occasional head – in the contemporary St. John’s, Newfoundland. His hometown is changing in a big way, transforming from a small seaport to a booming oil town, and where there’s cash, there’s trash – and lots of it. With his father/partner-in-crime-solving, Malachy Doyle (Sean McGinley, Michael Collins, Braveheart), by his side, Jake is ready to take on whatever mystery turns up on the Doyle doorstep.

Combining the retro cool crime vibe of classic investigative dramas with the dramatic/comedic edge of contemporary television fare, the series weaves the twists and turns of intriguing mysteries with the relationship turmoil of the Doyle clan. The Doyle P.I. firm takes all comers – from infidelity to arson investigations, wrongful convictions to missing artwork, runaway spouses to runaway rum – and, of course, with the odd homicide thrown in for good measure.

“REPUBLIC OF DOYLE has a winning formula, thanks to two key ingredients: the dynamic between father and son and the fresh setting,” said Kirstine Stewart, general manager, CBC Television. “Magnum P.I. lived and worked in Hawaii, Stone and Keller had the streets of San Francisco and REPUBLIC OF DOYLE’s duo has St. John’s.”

The series also stars Lynda Boyd (Falcon Beach, On Thin Ice), Rachel Wilson (Man V. Minivan, 75 El Camino), Krystin Pellerin (The Tudors), Mark O’Brien (Above and Beyond, The One That Got Away) and Marthe Bernard (Sex, the rules of).

REPUBLIC OF DOYLE was created by Allan Hawco, Perry Chafe and Malcolm MacRury. The writers include Allan Hawco, Perry Chafe and Malcolm MacRury and Jesse McKeown. Additional writers are Avrum Jacobson, Cal Coons, Jonathan Callaghan, Jeremy Boxen and Steve Cochran. Featured directors include Robert Lieberman, Steve DiMarco, Jerry Ciccoritti and Stefan Scaini. The show is produced by Rob Blackie with Ray Sager as co-producer, and executive producers are Allan Hawco, John Vatcher and Michael Levine.


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  1. Freddie, are you referring to The Cult? Granted, it was a great pilot, but it never would have worked on CBC.

    You should give Republic of Doyle a chance.

  2. Can’t wait to see this new series fully loaded with great talent
    long live the republic of NL and stories like these

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