Canada’s Worst Driver renewed for season 6

From a media release:

With a Season 5 Finale Topping 1 Million Viewers, Discovery Channel Commissions a 6th Season of the Hit Series CANADA’S WORST DRIVER

  • Finale becomes 1st Canadian non-sports specialty program to draw 1 million viewers
  • Discovery Channel orders 6th season of hit show from Proper Television

Canada is a nation of backseat drivers. Viewers nationwide can’t look away from the cringe-inducing, metal-against-concrete scraping, highway horrors and dreadful drivers that have turned Monday nights’ CANADA’S WORST DRIVER into record-breaking “must see” appointment television. The Season 5 finale of Discovery Channel’s hit original series sped past the competition to become the first Canadian specialty program (non-sports) to top one million viewers. On Mon., Dec. 14, 1,050,000 viewers tuned in to see Angelina named as Canada’s Worst Driver.

And for those unsuspecting bad drivers still plaguing Canadian roads, there’s nowhere left to hide. Just weeks after wrapping its hottest season ever, Discovery Channel announced today that it has commissioned a 6th season of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER from Proper Television. The producers will soon set their sights on a new bumper crop of road ragers, speed demons, timid left-turners and chronically distracted drivers.

CANADA’S WORST DRIVER host, Andrew Younghusband, drove the Season 5 finale to 1 million viewers

“We’re delighted to announce a 6th season order for CANADA’S WORST DRIVER – we’d have millions of disappointed viewers if we didn’t!” said Paul Lewis, President and General Manager, Discovery Channel. “The fact that after five seasons, this series continues to gain traction is testament to the ingenuity of the production team and universal draw of this series.”

“After putting 40 drivers through Rehab over five seasons, I thought we’d seen it all,” said Guy O’Sullivan, Executive Producer, Proper Television. “But this last season proved that once you get behind the wheel with a new group of drivers, anything can happen! We’re excited to hit the road again and get cracking on Season 6.”

During Season 5, an average of 792,000 viewers tuned in every Monday night across the eight-episode run to watch eight dangerous drivers on the road to rehabilitation.* Additional stats from Season 5:

  • The series delivered an average weekly reach of 4.1 million viewers**
  • Two episodes from Season 5 rank in the Top 5 non-sports specialty programs of all time: the Episode 8 finale, with 1,050,000 viewers and Episode 5, with 911,300 viewers.***
  • Only 123,000 viewers separate the finale of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER 5 from CNN’s 2008 election night coverage of Barack Obama’s U.S. Presidential victory.

Season 5 of CANADA’S WORST DRIVER is available on demand at Season 6 will debut on Discovery Channel in late 2010.


57 thoughts on “Canada’s Worst Driver renewed for season 6”

  1. i love the show, because of the entertainment value. but i can’t help but question the validity of canada’s drivers licencing system. how in the world did these people become licenced in the frst place?? who was payed off or received sexual favors perhaps??? it is astonishing. and sadly the rest of us who are competent drivers, and didn’t pay anyone off to become licenced have to pay for this in our escalating insurance rates. the show makes me laugh, but the reality makes me very sad.

  2. Love it!! So glad we’re getting another season, keep em coming. I am addicted to this show. My husband and I can’t get enough of making fun of bad drivers! :)

  3. I love Canada’s Worst Driver, but why can’t it be live??? Why must we wait sooo long for Season 6?!

  4. I love this show. I go to my friends place every Monday I can to watch this show. Just like jorge says, “how do these people become licensed drivers?”

  5. i would like to know if you can help me i would like to ask about the show is that my son of 16yrs would like to take the course for driving at the canadian worst driver school so he can really be a good driver. it would be the same i would like to send my mom too, for her to her license she doesn’t have them yet. please let me know if it could be possible.we really love to watch that show.

  6. I’m extremely glad that there will be a season six for this show.
    Not only is it raising more awareness of bad driving habits that lead to accidents but it also helps with driving skills of the average driver. I’m learning more things from this show that i did when i was in driver’s ed.
    I’m not a bad driver, but i wouldn’t mind going on the show just to try out some of those challenges, they look fun!! Plus it’ll definitely improve driving skills…

  7. I would like to nominate 85% of United Class Cabs Taxi Drivers in Fort Mc Murray come and see what happens here when it snows from one foot on the gas peddle and the other one on the brake to driving way to slow. to just plain scary

  8. love this show me and my friends will watch it more now because one of our teachers might be on it

  9. I can’t wait for season 6, does anybody know where it is going to be held? I just think it is such a good program because it just doesn’t help the driving impared, but also can help average drivers and I think it is also good for drivers to be because it can show the consequences of what ‘might happen’

  10. I love the show but i think you should do a show about the people that think they are the best drivers have a hard course and see just how good they really are.
    I also would like to see a show that gets some of the worst that have been on the show in the past and see how they have improved

  11. You know one thing I would love to do, contact Canada’s Worst Driver, is to come on the show myself. However, the difference between me and the regular drivers on there is this: Where CWD’s drivers are licensed drivers, I would come on the show as I am, an unlicensed driver, and see who is really Canada’s Worst Driver by having myself compete against the other drivers to see if I know how to drive better than what I’ve seen on all the series of CWD that I’ve seen.
    One part of this idea that would make it even better, is if I drove better than CWD’s cast do, I get financial help on getting my driver’s licence.

  12. I love the show: I have been watching it since the first season but I have always felt that it shoud be with a format similar to Canada’s worst handyman. you will not let a handyman leave withoout the full assortment of basic skills (all the learning), why would you let a potentially dangerous driver go after just two shows? Most of these drivers are a serious accident waiting to happen: why should they be allowed to leave when the handymen cant? Food for thoughts!

  13. Well like others I am more concerned about the drivers examination. How in the world did these drivers obtain a license??? This is very serious; examiners are giving people a license to kill. I wonder why this question isn’t asked by the Canada’s Worst Driver people; it surely must have crossed their minds.

    I am aware that a a driver examiner was taking bribes here in Vancouver a few years ago. He made a million giving licenses to new immigrants. He got caught and fined, but the most important thing is he was not fired from his job , and he could be still employed there today. None of the people on Canada’s Worst Drivers that I have seen should have been given a DL to begin with. Someone is not doing their jobs.

  14. I was wondering if I could nominate myself as a worst driver because the ministry has suspended my license because of my glacoma ,al I want to is prove that Iam quite capable to drive safely. I am a one eye sighted persn since four years old and drove since I was 16 I am now 67 years old Give a chance

  15. I was wondering if I could nominate myself as a worst driver because the ministry has suspended my license because of my glacoma ,al I want to is prove that Iam quite capable to drive safely. I am a one eye sighted persn since four years old and drove since I was 16 I am now 68 years old Give me a chance

  16. I drive a tractor trailer and see all kinds of these people on the highway ! I have to agree with jorge mai kelly !!!

    I love the show and Andrew’s excellent at his job !! The perfect combination of patience, sarcasm and humour !

    BUT !! I think it’s sad that there can be so many shows and even more bad drivers to come!! I think Cam Wooley should call in some officer buddies and start investigating the MTO officers that give out these licenses !! They should be at the very least FIRED !!

  17. is there a place where you can go in ontario and run obstcle coarses or challanges like the ones on Worst Canada Drive???

  18. I find it amazing and terrifying, that some of these drivers were ever able to pass their drivers tests. I ride a motorcycle as well as drive autos., and hope that I never have to share the road with many of these drivers. Some of them obviously don’t realize what a menace to society they are while driving.

  19. Saw the filming live for the season 6 finale in Niagara Falls, July 11. It is scarier to see it live, trust me. I watched one of the finalist in a red convertible porsche nearly cream a minivan right on Clifton Hill. Andrew Younghusband waved and yelled hello to everyone passing by. What a great show!!!

  20. Dear Andrew,
    I would really like for the folks to have a “pretend”baby in the back seat and see how that works.Perhaps they would remove that “all about ME” attitude.

  21. Sorry, they should have the worst web people.
    Andrew: would really like for the folks to have a “pretend”baby in the back seat and see how that works.Perhaps they would remove that “all about ME” attitude.

  22. lookin forward to seein this one i got some family in it should be hilarious it just takes too long fro the season opener .

  23. I hate saying this, but I believe, all drivers shown on this program, should be forced to go through a complete full driver’s training course after leaving the Canada’s Worst Drivers show, and not be allowed to completely have their driver’s licence back, once they graduate off the show. They should be compelled to pass the driver’s training course at a level of 90% or higher. I fully blame the Ministry of Transport driving inspectors, for frist allowing these people to get behind the wheel and drive on Canadain roadways with a valid drivers licence. The Canadain licening driving requirments are far too loose, in allowing such people behind the wheel. I believe all Canadains across Canada, should be compelled to pass a strict driving mastery course, setup by the Ministry of Transport, before even being allowed to be tested as a fully licenced driver. It seems, and has been proven beyond a doubt, most of these drivers seen on this show, and I include other drivers not seen on this show, have hidden issues that impair their driving abilites. People such as this, should never be allowed to drive on Canadain roadways, till they take those issues and get them under hand, and control. What I have seen so-far on this program, has totally shocked me, to say the least, and I know there are far more out there, not being seen on TV, driving like this on our roadways today. The Ministry of Transport should take a serious look at what they learn off this program, and start doing some nessessary changes to our drivers licencing requirments.

  24. The Government, and Government driving inspectors issuing out licences to people such bad drivers as seen on this show, should be held totaly responsible for any rise in Vehicle Insurance rates across Canada. The problem lies strickly on their shoulders, and no where else, as it is them that pass such drivers, and allow them to use a vehicle on the road in the first place. They are the ones that should have caught such drivers as seen on this program, and make these drivers go back, and take a full driver training course, and pass, before reapplying again to take a driving test. It is my feelings after seeing this show, that the Government of Canada, either cleanup it’s act, or pay a high price for traffic injuries incurred, after allowing such drivers behind the wheel. Good, resposible, accident free drivers, should not have to pay the high price for such stupid driving acts on our roadways, when they are the ones, that pass, and allow these freaky driving type of people, to use a vehicle of anykind on our roadways. The very root of this very serious problem is totally at the Government’s doorstep. It’s a shame these freaky drivers, after getting their driver’s lic. think they are good drivers, simply because they passed their driving test. A good driver has a 24 hour job, of displaying good skilled driving abilites, while using any roadway with a vehicle.

  25. @ Drivers need help: Firstly, you can’t blame everything on the government. To do so is ignorant and short-sighted. Secondly, it’s spelled Canadian, not Canadain. Thirdly, before you post again, please learn the proper and appropriate usage of the comma.

  26. I notice we have yet to see a bad drive nominated from Quebec, and although I’m from Ontario and agree about the fast speeds, etc., in Quebec , I’ve found at least Quebec drivers THINK when they drive. And I love the BC system, where you the current license plate guarantees the car is insured. Right now, drivers licensing are all provincial – maybe we need a national driving test and a national driving license.

  27. I think we should have canada’s worst driving instructors i see them every day teaching the students very bad driving habits.We should go back to government driving schools that is how i learned and have never had any accident’s of any kind that was my fault in over 30 years of driving.But i still have to avoid all the bad drivers on the road.All the driver schools out there are just a get rich scheme as they just take the money and run.Why is it when new people come to Canada get they are allowed to drive just because they drove where they came from.It is not fair to the rest of us that can drive and have had no accidents.SHUT THEM DOWN WHY SHOULD WE HIT THE CURBS TO AVOID THE IDIOTS THAT SHOULD TAKE THE BUS.

  28. I was on CWD 6. I nominated my aunt Dale as CWD. this was the craziest season yet and you will not believe the drama and carnage. I can’t say to much but you will not be disapionted. See you Oct 25.

  29. Can’t wait for season 6; my teenage sons and I love the show. I saw part of an episode of America’s WD and it wasn’t nearly as good. It had a totally different premise and I don’t think the bad drivers learned anything. At the end the worst driver’s car was blown up. Their TV is so much about flash and not enough about content. For all the bad things people say about Canadian TV, there are some good shows out there. Canada’s Worst Handyman is equally good. Keep them going!
    (Internal Editor – how did I do?) ;)

  30. do you sell the cars after the show id like the camaro. also cant we make the person that gives you a licence somewhat responsible for giving a moron a licence or at least make them understand that person may t-bone your wife and kids. if you have bad reaction time or vision your not capable of driving and that shouldnt only apply only if you had a beer or not.

  31. I want to see Jamie putting on makeup; while text messaging, as she is driving the Camaro. I wish I
    could be her passenger for an hour just once. The uncertainty, and indecisiveness would be such an adrenaline rush, and total thrill. A person couldn’t get that amount of excitement, and exhilaration from a
    ride on a roller coaster.

    I’m predicting that Jamie will improve alot, and not be the absolute last person to get her licence back.

    Go Jamie!

  32. canada’s worst drivers,,,, and handyman,,, are great shows because we all look at someone elses work or skills and say, holy crap they stink. i havn’t met one canadian who says it’s a bad or dull show. aaaand it amazes me that americans came out with their very crappy knockoff where the show’s condenced into an episode and at the end, go overboard and crush the car(i personally would chloroform my nominator and lock his ass in the trunk if my car was in that position). back off US git yer own ider and fek off-fa-fa. one last thing, USE MORE 2010 CHEVY CAMARO’S, i wish my friends nominated me, too bad im an amazing driver

  33. im glad that the guy that drives drunk was kicked off he doesnt deserve to be behind the wheel of any thing !!!!!!!

  34. Hi:
    I enjoy your show a lot! I can not imagine why vehicles would be operated INSIDE a building in the “balance teeter totter test”. Just an observation from a fan.

  35. I think that your show is missing the point . It’s not funny when You remember that some govt. drivers instructor passed these people & gave them a licence , putting our lives in danger > I think that if You run a show like yours , You need to follow up & be responsible & have these instructors brought before the Canada safty board & at very least fired & face criminal charges !!!!!! Thanks
    Wes ~~~

  36. i just saw episode with the 70 Monte Carlo in it ,the passing challenge.Andrew did not use the shoulder strap ,which is hung up over the door .The law states in N.S.that all equipment that is provided must be used .I WAS worned of this when the law first came in effect,wile driving my 72 Monte Carlo.

  37. This show definetly raises an eyebrow. Im watching a show right now and am so full of ideas. The first is the most obvious. With the name of the said driver and their drivers license number and go see who the Drivers Examiner was who certified this individual. Second, the said driver retakes another road test from a different examiner, even if the individual has to go to another Drivers Examiners office. Some of these individuals should be immediately removed from the show if: driving in locations where pedestrians are..period! Some people clearly find the show funny and im sure they mean how pathetic the drivers are who are licensed. I find it totally alarming..I have kids. In closing and this is so serious..if you are that afraid to drive, it scares you, or you are so nervous you can not function, for GOD sake please stop driving. My father was a Regional Director for the Ministry of Transportation Drivers Examiners Department. I heard so many stories about people who have brought/attempted to bring lawsuit to the department over failure to pass a road test. Including people who have crashed and failed as many as 7 times. You wonder about insurance rates…keep wondering.

    1. ohh and this show is great!! we need it. It helps makes us safer. We should use it as 1 more tool in the fight to keep bad drivers off our roads…DO NOT KILL THIS SHOW!!!!

      1. ohh!! and MADD should partner up with this show. In most of the cases I have seen, there is no difference between a drunk driver and some one who simply can not function behind the wheel of a killing machine.

      2. ok i have to admit that other than it being a show, I have no idea about its main intent. Is it for working with these terrible drivers and/or getting them off the road, or is it for profit/network ratings.

  38. ok I paid very close attention to the show and I must apologise. Good Work! Sorry Scott but you really do not belong on our roads. So glad to see a rep from the police dept. Ha Ha. sweet. The show is a super tool and should never come off the air!!! The question still arises, how did these people get certified and who certified them. The driving skills these people have didnt suddenly appear did they?

  39. mmm

    Can anyone look further than their nose…
    Canada’s worst diver… mmm
    I would like to see Canada’s worst D.M.V did they not give these people a drivers license.
    Or Canada’s worst driving instructor
    The question is.. How did these people get their licenses?

    Thank You

  40. First of all , how did they get a drivers license in the first place. Whom ever allowed them to pass should loose thier job. Secondly why are thier insurance companies insuring them and last but not least, why don’t they have someone on the show with enough power to take thier license’s off them permanently. If they are allowed back on the road thier going to end up killing someone and if it were someone I knew, I’d be the first in line to sue your asses !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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