Review & Interview: Republic of Doyle

From Mike Morrison of Mike’s Bloggity Blog:

  • Interview: The Republic of Allan Hawco
    “You’ve never met anyone as driven as Allan Hawco. The star of The Republic of Doyle also created, writes and produces the CBC’s newest drama, which premieres on Wednesday night. So how did he do it? Surprisingly, he didn’t have to sleep with a single person at CBC. Seriously. I asked.” Read more.
  • Review: Republic of Doyle is a crowning achievement!
    “What makes the show such a success is its confidence, which oozes from the uber-talented Hawco and his cast mates, which include: Sean McGinley, Lynda Boyd, Rachel Wilson and Krystin Pellerin. One episode in, they are a well oiled machine. The chemistry between Hawco and is female cast mates is palpable. And it would be hard to imagine anyone else strong enough, to be able to keep Jake Doyle in line, other than McGinley’s Malachy Doyle.” Read more.