5 thoughts on “In the news: Flashpoint, The Bridge MIA on CBS lineup”

  1. That stinks Flashpoint is an outstanding series. And those of us in the states can’t wait til its return. What seems to be CBS problem, their ratings would go through the roof with Flashpoints return. But no lets add the another sit com to their line-up.

  2. CBS what is wrong with this picture. You have such a HIT in FLASHPOINT. I just don’t understand why you have not put it on the air or at least said when your going to do it. Flashpoint would really raise the rating for CBS. Come on stop hurting us by keep the number 1 hit drama cop program off the air. Give the USA what we want and that is FLASHPOINT!!!!!!!!!
    Mary L. Townsend

  3. To be fair, CBS is currently timeslot-deficient. As it is, they cut the order for NUMB3RS this year to 16 episodes, despite the fact that it performs well, in order to free up a slot for their new medical drama, MIAMI MEDICAL. They probably figure that FLASHPOINT and THE BRIDGE will be good as original drama material for the summer months.

  4. Come on CBS get the ball rolling. Start showing Flashpoint, it’s a hit show. The fans miss it dearly. Give the fans in the United States something to watch besides stupid reality shows. Hey to the cast of Flashpoint we miss ya.

  5. Another due south, save face and get a couple more Canadian Thomson corp years out of it.
    Hugh whatever, crash and burn.
    The people you misuse on your way up you might meet up on your way down.
    CBC seems to be kicking it all of a sudden. Maybe Thomson tv should stop celebrating and shuffle their corporate deck. Dump the ex ecutives that have convinced themselves that they have some sort of worth as they have rationalized their mediocrity. Nice life guys. Nobody is fooled. Geoff Beatty should dump you Ivan. Just because you can’t golf for starters. Actually what can you do. Please don’t say cook, garden or collect cars.
    Anyway, continued average success. Flash Thomson rocks. Enrico don”t slit your wrists yet. I’m sure your biggest acting job is the one you have to do before they say action.

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