19 thoughts on “In the news: Being Erica season 3 undecided; Karpluk “Unexpected””

  1. If there is no season 3, it will be one of CBC’s worst decisions and, yet another, great disappointment.

  2. I agree. It was a really good all Canadian show. I send a message to CBC asking that they bring the show back. If there is enough interest and emails sent to them maybe we can persuade them to bring it back!!!

  3. I really hope there is a Season 3. It really resonates with me and my daughter, aged 28. Yes- it has the improbable theme of time travel in a desire to change life choices, but it also speaks to the decisions we make in the here and now in a way that many other programs do not. It is quirky, funny, poignant and brings about tears because it can be so moving. I understand it was picked up in the States- that should be an indication of its popularity. Maybe a niche group but a real niche group.

  4. YES !! i hope that there is a season 3 !! i love that show and honestly i agree about it being a niche group and its my niche group, at the age of 30, i just settle into one of those episodes and enjoy the music and the references to a time of being younger. I just love it !

  5. If CBC doesn’t bring this show back it will be another bone head decision by them. Just like them to keep the touchy-feely crap and get rid of the quality shows.

  6. Please CBC give it the green light!!! this show is amazing & needs to be on the air again….please please please bring it back!!

  7. If CBC wishes to keep viewers it would be in their best interest to give the Green light to Erica Season 3. It seems to have become a bad habit of CBC to axe the good shows. Heartland, Being Erica, and Republic of Doyle are all excellent shows that stand as a feather in the cap of CBC.

  8. Please keep producing Being Erica!! It is an incredible show. It should be on the CW in America instead
    of SoapNet. It is way to good of a show to only be on SoapNet.

  9. please! we want Erica back! me love the show here in México. Can’t wait to see whta happens behind de green door! pleasee!

  10. hey CBC, don’t be a quitter! look forward to having up to season 10 of being erica. look at sex & the city, friends, etc., and other american tv shows, they’re successful upto now. we love being erica here in london….UK!!! (United Kingdom not London Canada, ok?)

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