Reviews: Republic of Doyle, Kids in the Hall

From Cameron Archer of URBMN:

  • Republic of Doyle 1.1
    “The biggest problem with Republic of Doyle is that Newfoundland is ancillary to the show’s plot. RoD is a generic mismatched-partners detective drama, the two ‘buddies’ here being Jake Doyle (Allan Hawco) and his father Malachy (Sean McGinley.) They fight with each other and solve crimes. With a rewrite or two, Republic of Doyle can be set anywhere in Canada. Why is the antidote to quirky comedy ensembles (hi, Gullage’s) this generic thing? It’s nice to see a Newfoundland show not conform to ‘Lard tunderin” stereotypes, but it’s like Republic of Doyle balances one extreme with another. Maybe I’m missing out on RoD’s subtleties. I don’t know.” Read more.
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