New tonight: Republic of Doyle on CBC – “Hit and Rum”

The Doyles start trailing a potentially cheating husband to find he deeply loves his wife but is in deep trouble with some menacing criminals and smugglers; as Nikki moves forward with her new beau, Jake and Leslie take it to the next level.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Republic of Doyle on CBC – “Hit and Rum””

  1. I am enjoying the show immensely, but I think upper Canada may tire of the Newfie accent overtime, of all the characters that are either on the show for one episode or permanently a part of the show. The writers may want to consider this when writing the episodes and maybe adjust the lilt so it is not as pronounced on every single character. This show will need the support of all Canadians, not just the newfie population here on the rock and on the mainland.

    Sometimes less is more. Ya know?? :)

  2. Once you get past the exotic-looking St. John’s backdrop (nicely done!), Doyle is simply too campy and busy.

    Character development and plotlines really suffer….less is more!! And I’m no prude, but opening the show with rather crude sex scenes is just unecessary, if not desparate.

    I was hoping the Newfoundland setting would promote more patient plot development and interesting dialogue (eg. Fargo). As it is, it won’t make it.

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