X-Weighted season 5 in production

From a media release:


  • Gemini Award-winning series is back in action

X-Weighted: Families is back in production for another season as 13 new families in Calgary, Kelowna and Vancouver leap off the couch, swear off fast food and dive into weight-loss action. Anaïd Productions is shooting the perennially popular Slice series for the next 6 months.

X-Weighted: Families is an eye-opening revelation of the critical issues contributing to a national obesity epidemic. Each hour of the 13-part series focuses on a different family, following their dramatic weight-loss transformations. Canada’s leading fitness expert, Paul Plakas, and obesity physician, Dr. David Macklin, are back to assess the families, who are dealing with inertia, depression, competition and sabotage that create obstacles to their success.

Among the stories we will follow:

  • Devastated by the death of their beloved father and husband, two daughters and their mother turned to food for comfort. Now they are yearning to deal with their grief in a more positive way and are pursuing a happier, healthier future – embracing life in tribute to the man they loved.
  • Two teen girls, constantly at odds, are united in their fear for their 320lb father, who is at high risk of a heart attack. They are willing to work together to make the lifestyle changes they need to in order to ensure the future health of their whole family.
  • Taunted and ridiculed at school because of his size, a 13-year-old boy struggles not to fight back. His father feels responsible for his son’s plight and is determined to be a positive role model by returning to the active lifestyle he enjoyed before losing a limb.
  • A 16-year-old girl, incapacitated by low self-esteem and scorned by previous boyfriends, is ashamed to eat in public for fear of being judged. Her 370lb father understands her pain, having suffered sneers and insults his whole life as a result of his weight. They are determined to overcome their emotional and physical obstacles to transform their lives.

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  1. When will the x-weighted episode shot in calgary, at Cravings market restraunant be shown on TV?

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