Wingin’ It premieres March 19 on Family Channel

From a media release:

What teen couldn’t use the helpful guidance of an angel-in-training?

  • Family Channel airs March break sneak peek of new Canadian original series Wingin’ It

Astral Media’s Family Channel presents the television premiere of the Canadian original series, Wingin’ It. This live-action comedy series follows teenage odd couple, Porter (Demetrius Joyette, The Latest Buzz) an Angel-in-training and Carl (Dylan Everett, Booky’s Crush), a disaster-prone young teen. Porter’s earthly task is to make Carl into the most popular kid in school. A sneak peek of the series will air during Family’s Superstar Spring line-up on Friday, March 19 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Wingin’ It will air regularly on Saturdays and Sundays at 6:50 p.m. ET/PT beginning April 3.

Angel-in-training Porter possesses a devil-may-care attitude and has been sent to earth to get his angel wings. Fifteen-year old Carl can’t seem to catch a break – wherever he goes disaster follows – dogs truly do eat his homework, he’s pummeled at dodge ball and he can’t seem to enter a store without setting off security alarms. In order for Porter to get his angel wings he has been tasked with making Carl the most popular kid in school. The problem is Carl doesn’t want the help and is happy to figure things out on his own.

Joining this angelic cast are Brittany Hanson the most-popular girl in school (Hannah Lochner, Life with Derek), Carl’s friends Jane (Brittany Adams, The Latest Buzz) and Alex (newcomer Brian Alexander White) and Dr. Cassabi, the angel charged with overseeing Porter who is posing as Bennet High’s guidance counselor (Wayne Thomas York, Two and A Half Men, Boston Legal). Rounding out the cast of characters is Carl’s mom Angela Montclaire (Jenn Robertson, Twitches, The Seán Cullen Show and Comedy Inc.) and little sister Becky Montclaire (Jamie Bloch, Flirty with Forty, The Best Years).

Commissioned by Family Channel, Wingin’ It is produced by Temple Street Productions. The series was created by Frank van Keeken (The Kids in the Hall, Billable Hours) and is executive produced by Frank van Keeken, Ivan Schneeberg and David Fortier (Being Erica, Billable Hours, Darcy’s Wild Life).


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  1. ABC Family did this already, it’s called Teen Angel. And it’s much better than Wingin’ It. -_-

  2. This is actually a pretty good show for a small-budget family channel comissioned project. Dylan everett is excellent as the main character. He’s a likable guy, he delivers his lines well, and has a natural knack for comedy. Brian, the guy who plays Alex, is also very funny, and i always get a laugh out of his dorkyness. The story lines are not terribley original, but they manage to pull it off with the excellent cast. Their acting is fresh, fun, and is not super over the top like in other kids shows like Hannah Montana. Wingin’ it is a great show that both boys and girls can enjoy, and also great for both a young audience, and an older audience like myself (i’m 18). i HATE the raccon puppet character though. i realize it is there to appeal to a very young audience, but the show would be so much better without this childish puppet popping up now and then. But overall, a very impressive show considering it is homegrown in Toronto with a smaller budget, and i can even see it being quite successful on a big time network like the Disney Channel in the States.

  3. I’m sorry but this show is just foul. Bad plot. Cheesy script. And don’t get me started on the acting. I would give this show a 2 and a half out of 10.

  4. my favourite characters are the listern sisters. they’re just so quiet and weird that they’re funny. :)

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