The Next Star auditions begin

From a media release:

Nationwide auditions begin for YTV’s The Next Star

  • Six-city audition search begins Saturday, May 1 in St. John’s, Newfoundland
  • Detailed audition information available at

Corus Entertainment’s YTV announced that Season 3 of the network’s hit series The Next Star will hit the road on a nationwide six-city search for Canada’s next young singing sensation. Auditions begin Saturday, May 1 in St. John’s, Newfoundland and continue throughout the month of May. Complete audition information can be found at

With host Adamo Ruggiero (Degrassi: The Next Generation) at the helm once again, The Next Star hopefuls will be guided by the series’ panel of experts, including returning mentors, musician Suzie McNeil, songwriter Christopher Ward and music marketing exec Steve Cranwell.

“With over one million votes cast last year to choose Season 2’s winner Tianda Flegel, The Next Star has proven to be a favourite amongst both kids and their parents,” said Jocelyn Hamilton, Vice President, Programming and Production, Corus Kids. “As a family network, we couldn’t be happier to provide Canadian kids with another opportunity to have a shot at the spotlight.”

Tianda Flegel’s single, “Liar Liar”, a country-infused pop song, is now available on iTunes. Her music video will premiere during YTV’s half-hour special The Next Star: Where Is She Now? on Friday, April 9 at 8:30 p.m.

Modeled after the previous two seasons, The Next Star will be open to kids aged 15 and under and will focus on finding Canada’s next vocal talent. From the open call auditions, the top 16 will be featured, and six finalists will be chosen to go through The Next Star process. Whether the endeavour is a vocal challenge, mastering a media interview or nailing down a signature look, the question will be: who can juggle every facet of being a star? The finalist with the most viewer votes will be named the winner and take the title of The Next Star at the live finale in September, and receive the grand prize.

Auditions will be held for the first time in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Saskatoon, Saskachewan. Below is a complete list of cities and locations:

Saturday, May 1
The Capital Hotel, 208 Kenmount Road, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Tuesday, May 4
The Palais des congrès, 201 Avenue Viger Ouest, Montreal, Quebec

Saturday May 8 and Sunday, May 9
DoubleTree by Hilton, 655 Dixon Road, Toronto, Ontario

Saturday, May 15
Delta Bessborough, 601 Spadina Crescent East, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Tuesday, May 18
Mayfield Inn and Suites, 16615 – 109th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta

Saturday, May 22
Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver, British

YTV also announced today the launch of The Next Star website. Hopeful finalists and fans can visit the official website at for more information on the audition process, rules and procedures.

Once the series has launched on Monday, July 19 at 7 p.m., the website will be centre stage for audience interaction, streaming video and the voting process. Viewers will be encouraged to visit the site to vote for their favourite finalist, find show info, surf finalist pages, download extra content and watch behind the scenes videos.

Award-winning singer, Suzie McNeil, performed her Olympic-inspired song “Believe” at the 2010 Olympics closing ceremonies. Hot on the heels of a Canadian tour with superstar, Colin James, she has been busy writing and recording tracks for her next album. JUNO Award-winning composer and MuchMusic’s first VJ, Christopher Ward, has written a number of chart-topping singles including Black Velvet for Alannah Myles and most recently penned songs for Cirque du Soleil’s Banana Shpeel. Membership on the boards of Canadian Music Therapy and the JUNO Awards led to Steve Cranwell’s newest chapter as Executive Director of MusiCounts, Canada’s music education charity.


300 thoughts on “The Next Star auditions begin”

  1. i think this is a really good chance for young kids to show there talent to canada

  2. I can’t wait for may first.
    I really hope my mom will bring me to audition :)

  3. i want to have the experience and insire so many kids with my original song i don’t really care if i win or not

  4. well.. i thought that they were auditions being held in Winnipeg on May 16th .. thats what people have been telling me on wikianswers.. so… im confused..
    cuz i really wanna try out but idk if im gonna be allowed to like.. go to toronto or something to audition..
    my dreams are crushed ):

  5. i what to now when is the next star going to be this years i am in halifax so i what to now where it going to be at

  6. omg i made up a song and i need some ideas for the end and yah so if you have any ideas then tell me ok
    heres my song: lalala im going to sit here waitting for you and if i dont then i will go. and i hope you know that you are my haert and i am sick of being prussed around and i can take it any more you can help me go and fly away and never go no i need to stay yayaya oooo i need to go………….plz help me come up with an ending

  7. This is a fantastic opportunity to show your talent, so normally I would not enter one of these kind of contests but it seems really exciting. Plus, all of my friends are daring me to try out. Even if I don’t made it I will be happy to try.

    1. Thanks im trying out for the next star when it comes to Halifax . :) Im so excited

  8. i st hope it’s not fixed and people with REAL VOICES win not lik th last 2 winnrs cz nithr 1 of thm can sing

    1. Thanks ..:) I am trying out for the next star when it comes to Halifax .. :) Do you know if we travel to places and if .. we go with the group on a bus or something ? Or do the parents have to drive us out there ?

  9. Biggest joke of life. I just went to the auditions today with my bestfriend, because she was trying out. She’s been doing singing lessons since she was little, always wanted to be a singer, she’s friends with Aaron Kelly (the boy from American Idol). They sang at the American Idol Experience at Disney World, and the judges said they were both amazing singers. Aaron Kelly made it on American Idol, and she cant even make it on crappy Next Star? Funny, the judges at American Idol Experience said she was a better singer then him, too. Shes done concerts, talent shows, church openings, everything. This show is the BIGGEST JOKE EVER*. Hate it. So, so much. Plus, they were only putting through little kids that couldn’t sing whatsoever. I dont know if it was a huge joke, or what. Our whole community was stunned when they found out she didnt make it. They didnt even let them do individual auditions, you had to sing a verse and chorus of your song pick in a group. And then they’d pick the ‘best person’ in the group. FAIL. AHAHAHAHAH. Expecially since she was against a bunch of 9 year olds, and shes 14. Wowwwwww..
    Sorry people. I just cant even begin to explain how strongly I dislike this show, and everything about it.

  10. This freakin’ sucks. I wanted the auditions to be held in Winnipeg. I thought they were going to be on May 16th, but now since I read this, my dreams are crushed and I have no more hopes to become succesfull in singing. ):

    (I feel like crying right now)

  11. I have been taking singing lessons to be on the Next Star specifically, and I weanted them to be held in Winnipeg, May 16, 2010, but I was wrong.

  12. My children had been practicing for weeks now and to find out they aren’t coming to Winnipeg!!!Why did they skip over us!!!???

  13. Sadly, you have crushed some dreams….I mean a lot.

    I hope you feel satisfied, leaving out Winnipeg and Halifax.

    I hope you are satisfied how many hearts have been broken.

    Everyone in my class that was a girl was going to audition for everyone is mad, for not including Halifax.

    Way to go TNS.

  14. This is the biggest joke and cruel audition for kids. The selection process is unfair. For the group audition there are 2 or 3 different judges. Depending on your luck (whom you get) and how tired the so called judges you maybe axed or proceed to the 2nd round of audition. I was watching the auditioning for 3 hours in Vancouver and noted more kids advanced to the next level for those in room 103/104 than compared to kids going to room 101. One of the kid who was auditioning is so talented (I heard him singing and practising) but did not even get to the 2nd round. In addition, there was absolutely no feedback from the judges. It break my heart when I saw how many kids were crying. It is time to boycott such idiotic show.

  15. I really wanted to try out for the next star , but my parents didn’t let me because the closes place to where i live is Toronto and i live in Ottawa so im very sad now and i wish they came to Ottawa :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  16. HAHA if i auditioned which i didnt i probably would of won against all you who think your good….when season 4 comes around you better move over teanda!!!

  17. Holy, calm down
    If you guys wanted to go so bad then why don’t you just drive to the closest city; if you say that it is your “hopes and dreams”. Besides, it’ll most likely be in Winnipeg next year…

  18. i would just like to go and try it out and have fun i love the show me and my bro watch it all the time :)

  19. are you sopposed to sign up for this show or do you just simply walk in and sing

    1. U are suppose to sign up for the show. I think this is my first time going on the next star .. I am trying out when it comes to Halifax ..:) Im so excited

  20. season 4 i’m gonna ask if i can audition i don’t really caree if i make it or not i just wanna be on T.V.

  21. but if i win i will be surprised very surprised im not saying that i cant sing i just aren’t as good as a lot of people

  22. hi my name is feza im from edmonton i was quebec with my family and i want to be the next star becouse i have a beautiful voice that people says and i love sing like my aunty eto-ley i was in the choir with my friends

  23. when is the next star coming again…i am in singing lessons to inprove my voice to the fullest…..i want to try out on the next season

  24. You guys know to enter you have to have a really good voice. Because this is a vocal competition. I wish you all the best

  25. this is for all of you who keep on whining and complaining about how there friend or how yourselves didnt make it… knowing the show is called “the next star” there looking for a star.. and stars these days have the full package. theres 10000000 AMAZING good singers out there that can sing there heart out but dont have that “it” factor that makes a star.. the judges can see this and know who has the full package and who doesnt… its not all about your voice in these days for this industry.. times have changed. so maybe before u start whining and complaining some more.. go out and get a personality and some stage presence… then if u still dont make it.. then yea.. start complaining.

  26. i really want to go but i live in rogersville NB and i cant go because we live to far away bye from monica

  27. i love to sing and i want my dream to come true i want to sing and dance but lets see how my mom and dad takes it.

  28. i want to be the next star and i will. for now vote for victoria text f at 9888 shes a great singer shes got what it takes. VICTORIA IS THE ONLY GOOD SINGER OUT OF THE SIX. VOTE FOR VICTORIA………………………………………………………………………………………….

  29. is there going to be a 4th one? my daughter really wants to do it. if there is email me! she is a great singer and has a big chance of winning!

  30. Hi everyone!! Can anyone who knows when the auditions for the next star 2010 are can you please e- mail me.. By the way i live in montreal quebec!!!! Oh one more thing!!! VOTE FOR ISABELLE!!!!! I JUST LOVE HER VOICE AND JER ENERGY!!!SHES THE BEST!!!!! Anyway im gonna be 15 and this could be my last chance so please someone tell me when the auditions are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


  32. Hi, i really want to konw when the next auditions are for the next star in Montreal. email me pleasseeeee!!!!!! tkans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. der anonymous the next star juges and host will come to winnipeg im pretty sur so dont worry ur dreams arent crushed

  34. hey, its me Diego. Id just like to say thanks to all this support, all the fans, and I would like to say everyone out there is talented, not jus the ones that have publicity. Thank you.

  35. my dad won’t let me go on the next star he rouend my dreams :( ): ): :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
    i hate my dad :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  36. How old do you need to audition. When is the next auditions (in Montreal) for season 4, email me back, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanx

  37. I NEED to know when the next star 2011 comes to winnipeg
    if anybody knows PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE poste it on this website
    PLEASE. I really want to audition but I don’t how or when
    Thanks :)

  38. Its the same Anonymous as earlyer today
    I was just wondering some of the thimgs that happened in the next star season
    1 and 2 because I didnt even know the show existed
    was it any different than this year?
    oh and in case you were wondering Anonymous isnt my real name Lol

  39. hi I would really like to know when the next auditions for season 4 of the next star (in Toronto) is? i really need to know. thanks

  40. i love the next star so much
    i know that it is gonna come to Toronto so i am gonna tryout!
    i know that i will be in the top 4

  41. Hey girls out there,
    dont worry its not over. i got discovered off of youtube and how many people post themselves singing?
    like thats pretty crazy.
    anybody can have there shot. i started at nothign and look at me now?
    The next star is awesome and adamo asked me to be there so, i am!
    in toronto. winnipegers go for it, i have a feeling u got a lot of talent! :D
    Yours Truly,

    P.S. Love yuu booboo stewart! <3


  44. I really really want to do the next star, but I have no clue how to enter. Do you just go to the audition and say, “Hi, I’m here to audition”? I have a feeling it doesn’t work that way, and I’m super-scared that I will fail. I have no vocal teaching. DO you need to have like nessasarities to enter or something? :/

  45. Yeah I’m 12 and tiny. I’m not sure if I have a good voice, it’s just it will be really cool and I’ve always been wanting to be like famous, some way or another. Email: Please read above comment and email me with info on the next star. Thanks! :)

    PS I live in BC.

  46. I live in Orillia Ontario so i have to get driven to Toronto its a really long drive
    The reason i want to sing is because me and my family aren’t the richest so i was hoping a little fame could help Also i’m always getting made fun of t school because of the way i dress its more colorful and more Lady gaga Hopefully i make it this could really help me

    Thank you

  47. hey every body
    gess what? im french!
    i really want to go to the next star!
    i know im gonna go some day

  48. Sure hope you have auditions for “The Next Star” in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia or Prince Edward Island in 2011… There are very talented young people in these provinces who never had the opportunity to participate in 2010….

  49. i think diego is cute so any on tell me were he lives so i can write a letter to him tell his adrees to me his poster code to me an the city so bye

  50. Yeaah when and how to do you enter the auditions and what cities are they going too.

  51. Please when is the next star comin to winnipeg???
    has anybody but me noticed that everybody askes questions but nobody answers them?

  52. I sing everywhere I am so going to Vancouver auditions and I’m so gonna win watch out Diego!!!

    1. i just wanna go cuz i wanna hear their advice and get some tips on singing cuz i have been waiting to go for 3 years and plus i wanna win but awnyhoo good luck all of you xoxox:D:>

    2. ashley u better wach im gonna be there and i hope to see u and me get a golder ticket email me back thx hayley

  53. i sing almost every where i go and i pretty chear i have a good voice so watch out out every one cause im gonna be the next star

  54. will somebody PLEASE answer my Queustion

  55. Lots of Yuu guys are really confadent.. thats nice. really guud actually. i wanna do this soo baadly.. :) training my ass off at the winnipeg academy of music. Also i just love to sing. :) COME TO WINNIPEG! :D

    Sorry but I just have been waiting for this moment for a long time and noes my chance

  57. hi ! my sister keep’s singing all the time she dream’s to be in the next star show but i don’t know were to go to sing her up can u please tell me it will be the best thing , and she is a very good singer

  58. im gonna try out for the next star , and imma win it , iv wanted to sing since i was 5 , 8 years later i finally have a good voice .

  59. its not even worth trying out for cuz im gunna win!!!!!!!!! jb and usher here i come!

  60. is this for 2010 or for 2011 cuz i saw a article about 2011 on wiki answers and the person that answered said “never they annocuned that season 3 was there last season” :S

  61. just wondering if these are the right dates for 2011 auditions? anybody know?? I need to audition in toronto ontario!!!!!

  62. is this for 2011? and what do u need to sing up or whats the rules……


  63. I have been trying SO hard to just live some kind of a dream and now’s my chance. Good luck to everyone! I hope I see you there!

  64. This is my dream i always wanted to be a singer and this is my chance and is this the dates for 2011 or 2010? Good luck everyone! :)

  65. will the next star will come to New Brinswick or Novia scotia or P.E.I.I wood love to be on this show but pleas come a place relly clos to New Brinswick.

  66. will the next star will come to New Brinswick or Novia scotia or P.E.I I love your show so pleas come to one of thous places.

  67. how do you get on there do you just go or do you have to go or get something befor the show.

  68. whatch out people cause i am going to win the next star and im the best at singing in my school so good luck even though you are going to lose

  69. hi guys im gonna audtion for the next star 2011 get ready for me to blow my performance away i am 11 and have been sin gin g since i was three or two so yea see you there … get ready onatriooo

  70. i want to go on the next star when it comes to saskatoon i want to be a signer i don’t know if i am any good some of my friends think i’m good i hope i get on it wish me luck i really want to meet justin bieber also

  71. i guys im 14 today its my bday im iv benn singing since i wuz 7 at im ready to blow this Popsicle stand get ready Edmonton

  72. i guys im 14 today its my bday im iv been singing since i wuz 7 at im ready to blow this Popsicle stand get ready Edmonton

  73. hahaha lol you guys really think you can win against me i have way more experience and you totally will not be able to sing in front of a camera

  74. good luck anyway…………………………………………………..not lol jk good luck hope at least one of u makes it

    1. The songs vary slightly each year, the songs haven’t been announced yet but usually they consist of Jordin Sparks, Justin Bieber, The Dixie Chicks, and so on.

    1. yes they do come to every province but they mostly go the they main big cittys so it sucks if u live in a small town

    1. They have not announced the dates for season four yet, however keep checking back to the website, last year they were posted around march. I am auditioning this year I’m super exited! Check me out on youtube at : starsareshining14.
      Good Luck,

  75. soo for sure that you are coming to tronto ontario? & When are the auditions coming to Toronto Ontario 2011?

    1. So far the website only says: The next star season four coming soon. But the dates will probably be posted in march. I’m trying out in Toronto this year…. so I’m very exited. Check me out on youtube at: starsareshining14.
      Best of Luck,

  76. I ment like before you addition do you have to do anything or just go to the additions or do you just show up at the additions

    1. They give you a list of songs to choose from, you hsve to prepare 2 songs, 1 from the list and the other your choice :)

  77. ohhh… i never knew you had to chose from a list what if you dont know any of the songs on the list. if you do no one do you have to sing that for your audition

  78. what the hell?? why 15 and under.. urgh! i hate living in rockland ontario.. cant launch a singing career here

  79. Does anybody know the exact audition dates this year? Or the song list? Has any of it been released yet?

  80. Helllo, does anybody know when they will update the audition dates for season 4 because i am so nervous im going to miss it again and ive missed it for all four yearss. :( and im afraid this is going to be my last year because im already 15 , anyways also for the songs where and when r they going to be posted?? And do we have to learn the song for the addition we just choose a song??? Anyway all help is greatly appreciated!!!!!! :D

  81. Hey um…. im 12 yrs old (MALE) am i old enough to audition cuz i live right eside toronto, and also is the list of audition songs out yet, and what can i use for photo idea?

  82. Cy.co20, i to m from winnipeg. they didnt have it here season3 but they did season 2(i think)which reasons it will be here this year. i think they take turns switching through major citys.

  83. WTF if this is the 2011 schedule then you either go the day of day number wrong check ur calender

  84. where do you sign up for the auditions though……? I need to know ASAP please and thankyou.

  85. hey guys. (:
    just letting some of you know, if you;re wondering that the audittion dates are now up on the next star website.

    Saturday, May 7th, 2011
    Tuesday, May 10th, 2011
    Saturday, May 14th, 2011
    Tuesday, May 17th, 2011
    Saturday, May 21st, 2011
    Saturday, May 28, 20111 and
    Sunday, May 29, 2011

    Good luuuck to everyone trying out. :)

  86. what kind of music can you sing and what day do you sign up to enter the contest my name is mandy and my phonenumber is 780 965 8860

  87. Hello, when do the Next Star Auditions come to England? In Ashton or Manchester?

  88. I don’t see Saskatchewan on there, I thought they go to every province, certainly Saskatchewan isn’t being over looked as far as talent goes, are they?

  89. how long do u usually have to wait before they starts the auditon’s on that day ?

  90. hey! So, what should we do with release form? Are we soppost to mail it? On what address?
    waitiing for answer*_*

  91. OMG! what loosers! why the heck would they go to all those cities and not OTTAWA! the frikin CAPITAL city of CANADA!

  92. my whole family and friends think i am a really good singer and i just want to know if they are coming to regina and what time and where…soo please answer me i will really appreciate it if you do :)

    1. my old band slit up so im trying to audition fr the next tsar and i am lead singerr so im hoping that i can. r thay coming to winnipeg?

    2. heey whats ur last name i live in regina imma poitras* last name … jw im no perv or nothin ew hhaha but yeah im a girl to ssoo yeah lol .. n uhmm yeaah im 15 haha

  93. I really wanna know when they are coming to Calgary and where in Calgary…I don’t know how people get the information. :(

    1. Hey hey I live in Calgary too and I’m trying out! :) The auditions are on tuesday at the University of Calgary. Go to this website:
      Have one song ready from the list and one not on the list. Don’t wear anything with logos or brand names or anything. Read the rules, have ID, get the release form, and understand the process!!!! Read through EVERYTHING. Clear up all of tuesday and possibly some of Wednesday. Good luck!!!

  94. I want to know when and where in Calgary they will be holding the auditions so I can go!

  95. i wanna go to auditions in edmonton but its to close to my b-day. wwwwwwaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!

  96. hey my name is kalandra and i want to know how to appy for the next star i live in ontario

  97. I would love to audition, do you know when they are coming to toronto or anywhere arond that area?? that would be great. And can you just show up or do you have to schedual an audition?? that would be great! thank you!!!

  98. i wanted to know if the next star is coming to montreal because my brother my mom and my dad think that im really good and i wanna sign up and where is it what time and directions on how to get there soo plzz write back

  99. i really i am a good singer but i don’t think i will be able to make it to the audition. so if you could go to youtube and type in Jessica Whidden. It will show a girl about 8 years old. i am now 11 so if you could that would be great!

  100. Ok for the people trying out for the next star a hit show on YTV good luck your going to need it! I am telling you this because you have to be confident or else you can’t sing that’s my moto and always will be! Practice makes perfect
    You will need…
    To go to the website And pick an audition song I really support you all who Shoah to provide in there goal!!!!

    1. I missed it too! :'( IM 11 and im a rlly good singer i hope i dont miss it next year!!

  101. NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! i missed the audions 2nd year in a row!!!!!!!!! GGGGGGRRRRRRR

  102. o my god all my friends say i sing great but i affraide to sing infront of my parents because they will be like u sing so great and want to make me sing infront of lots of people and i affaird but when i no when i am up on staig i can do it because i am outging and i love to sing. lots of my friends say i sing like lady gaga and miley cyrus. i don’t no what to do. and i don’t know when the auditions are in tronto and what the rules are. and i am also moving in one year. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.
    i din’t know what to do, please reeply

  103. I Really want to know how to audition for the next star , and I know I am a good singer and everyone tells me that so I want to know the Info.
    Thank You

  104. i know one of the top 16 parker go to parker the next star at top click and watch it is so good

  105. I’m still learning from you, as I’m trying to reach my goals. I definitely love reading everything that is posted on your blog.Keep the posts coming. I liked it!

  106. i am a good singer and i hope that i can get on your show and sing i was singing since i was 6 i wasint good then i keap dowing it then i was good and i axed my mom she said ok so i hope i make it

  107. hey just wondering can u please come to either grande prairie alberta or dawson creek british columbia please i really wanna audition but my parents wont go anywhere far from here please come

  108. are they not comeing to winnipeg this year i was just gaining confidence to come this year wwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! please tell me if they are or not maybe i cen convince my parents to go to the closest place

  109. Hi I really like your show and because your coming to Vancouver I am very likely to try out I’m 10 years old and I love to sing

  110. For 2012 I am begging you to come to Vancouver for auditions because I love to sing and I don’t think I will get another chance like this so please come to Vancouver I am begging you I am 10 and I really love to sing

  111. Hi i’ve been singing since i was 4 and i’m 11 now.. anyway you should come to Halifax

  112. I have been singing since I was 3 and know I am 13 and I am wanting to go on to the next star.
    but I dont know when the next audditions in vancover are.

  113. Im from Winnipeg and I live in chatfield that’s in the country and I would love to be on that show but I don’t know were the next place you guys are going so please make my dreams come true and just let me know and I will love you guys forever

  114. i hope that I can audition this year in Toronto it is just I have no wayto get down there and I don’t have enough money

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