10 thoughts on “In the news: The Border creator on cancellation”

  1. Oh.. The Border was cancelled? Didn’t notice. Perhaps if the show’s creators didn’t just copy/paste a “border”line entertainment value American political drama, add Canadian actor/actress wannabes plus put in activist/terrorist characters screaming in French – because they’re activists (and of course the rest of Canada just has to know that French is also an official language of our country, you know, underlying politically correctness bullcrap)… maybe, just barely maybe, it could be something. Albeit, it would still be scraping the bottom of the barrel.

    At least this now makes Canadian tv programming a little less embarrassing.

    Now we just need to get rid of Heartland, Being Retardica and Little “Let’s single out those whacky muslims, to show everyone that they’re warm and kind and not terrorists like the media (including Canadian media) always portray them as… oh don’t worry, this isn’t really racism, we’re sure it’s politically correct” on the Prairie. I’m amazed there isn’t outrage from the muslim community about that show.

    The majority of Canadians are very tolerant and warm to all cultures. Most of us (not including CBC/CTV executives, producers and the CRTC) are smart enough to know better. So if all those in power of Canadian television could PLEASE try and not teach us morals or how to be “Canadian” as per your terrifyingly skewed visions, whether or not you think the majority of Canadians are racist, politically incorrect, dumb sheep.

    Take a CUE from American entertainment, not to mention Asian and European markets and give us something we WANT to watch. Then when shows claim ratings of 500’000 to 2 million viewers, those ratings may actually be factual.

    Also, it’s ok to throw “political correctness” out the window. Why? Because the majority of Canadians hate it. It’s one of those things that’s fine in moderation, but keep it out of television, except for cases of extremely offensive material.

  2. My grandmother used to say, if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Boy, “withheld” is such a sourpuss, *eh*. What ?! – The Border was TOO American – but take a lesson FROM America on how to make a show that CANADIANS want to watch ? Duh ! Like maybe their Moronic Reality and Talkie Shows for the Brain-Dead that are anything but Real !? I totally disagree with “withheld”, who’s comments aught to be ‘withheld’. IMHO The Border got bad-slotted resulting in cancellation precisely BECAUSE of the show it was. Too Terrific and too anti-american. Just like ‘Intelligence’ got cancelled for telling us about american spies and moles and crime gangs and corporations in Canada and plans to take all our water, etc. The Border was WAY better than Flashpoint, which did not get cancelled, instead won the Gemini, so totally undeserved, precisely because it stinks and does NOT tell us about what the damn yankees do to us all the time, because, americans control our entertainment industry along with everything else, always have. Me thinks “withheld” is probably a yankee spy or wanna-be too.

  3. sorry, this sucks! loved this show, loved that it was filmed in toronto and you could recognize locations etc. this was good canadian tv.

  4. withheld is out to lunch. this was a great canadian program. our tv has came along way maybe they should take shows like the sipsons off that do nothing but teach kids howto disrespect thier parents. the border was finally a program my wife and i actally injoyed watching

  5. The border was probably the best tv we’ve seen in years. I am extremely disappolnted it waas cancelled.

  6. Canadian drama came to a peak with The Border. It was an excellent show – topical, well-acted, great believable stories. It was far better than any American one currently on the air. It is just typical that it is being cancelled. Disgusted in Vancouver.

  7. As a citizen of the United States, I just found the Border through Crackle on the Xbox. Having to choose between internet access and TV, I chose Internet Access. In doing so I have more options to watch a broader range of broadcasts that I might not otherwise get on US TV. Shows like the Misifts and The Border are examples.

    Having no other Canadian Television to compare it to, I think that The Border was a good show. Many people understand and don’t feel shocked or upset that some countries hold a negative perception of the United States — just or not.

    The show had a driving force of its own that I felt was different many US shows. I never watched 24, so I cannot speak to whether it was a clone or held similarities. Personally I found it refreshing that the show had memory. If a character did something that had repercussions, it didn’t just get wiped away in succeeding episodes.

    I also liked the actors, whether or not “Withheld” thinks they are nobody is irrelevant on their ability to bring characters to life with quality acting skills.

    It’s too bad will never know if the members of ICS and DHS escape MS13’s assault.

    Thanks Canada for a TV show I liked!

  8. Just been watching Border here in the UK ,eyeopener for me,then series finale aired at 3am -not in the schedules-so missed it.I thought it a really good show,will be missed .

  9. I’ve just watched the three series of The Border in the UK on Universal. In my opinion it’s quality showed through as being Canadian, who, again in my opinion, produce some fantastic programmes. If ‘withheld’ didn’t like it, it was probably because it showed Americans as being very intolerant and bombastic, and that Canadians are more thoughtful in the way they handle people. I can’t believe it was pulled after the end of series 3, leaving us to wonder what happened to them all. Good show Canada, and thanks to Peter Raymont and his wife Lindalee Tracey for bringing us such a quality show.

  10. I have just finished watching The Border on UK tv i did find the first series hard to get into but by the second and now the third i was really loving it. It was good acting by not so famous faces and a change from the norm. Really loved the way it was set out and gritty no showboating on it the characters seemed real.
    I am so sorry this has been cancelled and that we will never find out what happened to the characters in the refuge. Great cliffhanger for Series 4 but not if it’s the last ever!!! Someone dropped a clanger there it was a great series.

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