Debbie Travis looking for local heroes

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  • Is there someone in your community who deserves to be recognized?

Debbie Travis has a new home on CBC Television, and together with the network, is launching a nationwide search for Canada’s unsung heroes. The new, prime time show will air this fall, following Travis as she celebrates local heroes and takes a heart-felt and inspiring look at what we call a community. The show is looking for deserving individuals who make our neighbourhoods special places to live.

“We’ll be searching every nook and cranny in Canada for those special heroes whose contributions are the heartbeat of the community,” said Debbie Travis. “CBC Television is the perfect partner for this exciting collaboration and I am thrilled to be putting a new stake in the ground with the network for this show.”

Debbie Travis and CBC Television want to know about active individuals across the country who pour their hearts and souls into their communities. Canadians are invited to learn more about the show and submit applications online at starting Wednesday, March 31. Entries will be accepted until Tuesday, June 15 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

The Debbie Travis Show (working title) is a Whalley-Abbey Media, a member of the Debbie Travis Group, production co in association with CBC and GroupM Entertainment.


One thought on “Debbie Travis looking for local heroes”

  1. Hi Debbie
    I just moved into a neighbourhood in maple, ontario and found out that my neighbour accross from me, FRED DONSAH is a good samaritan and is a hero to many unfortunate and poor people of Ghana, West Africa and his efforts and good deeds deserve to be recognised by the community around him. He is a very kind individual, humble and does not boast about what he does.
    He also has an organic garden in his backyard and shares his bounty with his neighbours including me, although I just moved in.
    I have a picture of him which was taken by “The Ghanaian News on April 2009 which shows him shaking hands with Dr. Daniel Asare, the Medical Director of the Regional Hospital in Sunyani, Ghana.
    He donated Hospital equipment including hospital beds, mammogram machine, medical consumable, disposable uniforms and medications totalling $100,000. He takes care of exporting it to Ghana and follow ups by himself, he does not get anything from this except the satisfaction that sick people are not dying because they have no medication and lives are saved because of the hospital equipments provided by him.
    Let me know if you can promote him and give him the recognition he deserves in the community, so selfless and a good human being.
    thanks, best regards, Yasmin

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