Murdoch Mysteries picked up for season 4

From a media release:


  • Citytv Orders Season Four of Shaftesbury Films’ Crime Drama
  • UKTV’s Crime Channel Alibi Picks Up Season Four
  • ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment Sells Internationally

Canadian producer Shaftesbury Films is thrilled to announce that season four of their international hit series Murdoch Mysteries has been renewed by Citytv in Canada and by UKTV’s crime drama channel Alibi in the UK. ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment Ltd is excited to continue their co-production relationship with Shaftesbury Films and have acquired the worldwide distribution rights to the significant fourth season of the one-drama and will showcase the series at MIPTV. The highly anticipated fourth season is scheduled to begin production in Toronto, Canada later this year.

The series has proven to be a great success globally as illustrated by the opening numbers for the third season with an increase of 123% *(adults per episode) over the first 8 episodes in the UK on Alibi. The series also has received many glowing reviews, including “The superb period sleuthing drama is back for a third season,” appearing in Britain’s well-regarded Sky Magazine. Murdoch Mysteries is the thrilling murder-mystery primetime television drama set in 1890s Toronto, starring Yannick Bisson as Detective William Murdoch and has gained international recognition as a successful independently produced television series. New episodes from season three are currently airing on Citytv in Canada and on Alibi in the UK. The series (39 x60) is watched in over 80 territories around the world, including Australia, Canada, France, Italy and the UK.

Based on Maureen Jennings’s critically acclaimed Detective Murdoch Mystery novels, Murdoch Mysteries is set in 1895 Toronto, and explores the intriguing world of William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson), a handsome young detective using radical forensic techniques to solve some of the city’s most gruesome murders. Murdoch’s small circle of confidantes includes pathologist Julia Ogden (Hélène Joy), a staunch ally who shares the detective’s fascination with forensic science, and Constable George Crabtree (Jonny Harris), Murdoch’s eager but inexperienced right-hand man. Though his unconventional approach elicits skepticism from his boss, Inspector Brackenreid (Thomas Craig), Murdoch is often the only one who can crack the case.

The series is executive produced by Christina Jennings and Scott Garvie for Shaftesbury Films, and Larry Lalonde and Phil Bedard. It is produced by Peter Meyboom and Laura Harbin for Shaftesbury Films. Production executives are Alain Strati (Vice-President, OMNI Station Group, Specialty TV & Development) and Patrice Baillargeon (Director, Develop & Production, Rogers Media Television) for Citytv, Noel Hedges (Executive Producer) for ITV STUDIOS Global Entertainment and Alexandra Finlay (Acquisitions, UKTV) for UKTV.


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  1. Now this is great, great news. Absolutely love the show, but I’ve been worried, as it’s so rare for Canadian shows to last a long time. The international attention & investment given to Murdoch is welcome, and I look forward to the rest of Season Three and a great Season Four.

  2. I loved seasons One & Two, and said so at the time – best in 20 years. Season Three has been a disappointment due to an impeding grislyness having been further added in. Everything else is as good as ever but that slight shift has dropped it from must-see status for this mystery fan.
    Some of the scenes are like watching a sneering jerky guy (none of the actors, just a background sense) trying to putover an actual true good guy front.

  3. Thrilled to hear there will be a Season 4. Now, if I can only get Season 2 & 3. How disappointing that I can’t get Season 2 & 3 because we live in the US. I did find Season 1 and I have watched it over and over. Murdoch Mysteries is great and Yannick Bisson is wonderful. The whole cast has great chemistry. Hope to see all seasons really soon.

  4. Precisely, Murdoch Mysteries is great.
    Indeed, Yannick Bisson is wonderful.
    So Fascinating!! heehee

    Looking forward to seeing the new Seasons.

  5. Love this show! I wish City TV would pick a time and stick to it, I think more people in Canada would watch if it had better time slots. I love that it’s a cross between Road to Avonlea and CSI.. I think it’s my favourite time period. I heart Jonny and Yannick! I get my Yannick fix every time I hit a CIBC bank machine!! :P

  6. Great to hear that there will a Series 4 and I’m looking forward to it already.
    We see the last episode of Series 3 this evening (11/05/2010) with excitement and a little sadness.
    Hurry with the next series PLEASE!!!!

  7. I hope Julia returns in season 4, would be nice to think she changed her mind and got back off the train and when William is calling out for her , she is behind him, Sorry but I am bit of a romantic lol but love this program and Yannick Bisson is gorgeous and plays his role wonderfully. Can’t wait !!!!!!

  8. Love it. Have just watched last episode of series 3 in the UK. Have to be patient now until next year for series 4.

  9. Just a note Jerry D Swink Season Two of the Murdoch Mysteries is available on DVD. And season three can be sourced via the internet albeit not entirely legally. My view of downloading from the internet is simple and its provided the downloaded material is subsequently sourced legally i.e. you buy the DVD when it is released there is no foul.

  10. I can’t wait for Season Four, especially to see whether Julia and William will finally get together. Season Three was excellent. The best Canadian show ever!

  11. Julia better come back!!! it was so sad when he was about to propose to her and she left. i hope the actor for her didn’t want to leave the series and they didn’t use her going to boston as an excuse to remove her charactor!!!! Come back Julia Ogden!!!!

  12. I am amazed that none of the British networks picked this up.It is that good that it excels to some of the top crime shows over here.

  13. Julia might come back, but maybe William has to make a sacrifice too, by going to Buffalo. Remember what the medium told him in the circus episode. Whatever happens, I hope they get back together. Why isn’t our great television series advertised more? It’s the best.

  14. Love this show and so glad it is coming back. Rooting for Julia and William to get together even if he has to journey to Buffalo; but they must come back to Toronto. It just won’t be the same without Julia helping to solve the cases.

  15. I just love this show. I can hardly wait until Season 4 begins. As others have already commented, I do hope Julia and William do get together.

  16. I do have Season 2 now, and I have watched it many times. I am looking forward when all us in the US will be able to get Season 3. Please tell me when. I loved Season 2 and I know Season 3 will be just as wonderful.I hope to see more of Wm and Julia – they are so adorable. I am totally thrilled- there will be a Season 4. Please continue with more and more seasons. Everyone loves Murdoch Mysteries- what an awesome, awesome cast. I have finished all 6 Murdoch Mysteries books. They were great- I could not put them down. Maureen Jennings- you are a terrific writer and I loved your books.

  17. Bravo!! Intelligent, witty and absolutely refreshing viewing!! Keep them coming!!!

  18. I felt they played down the relationship in Series 3 which made me think Helene Joy may be leaving. I hope not as the Julia Ogden in Series 1 and 2 was perfect for Murdoch and brought out the best in him. Won’t watch Series 4 until I know if they get together. I found the trick ending rather insulting to the viewer. The Series 3 episode Me, Myself Murdoch was one of the best in all the series so far.

  19. Though the trick ending in Series 3 fantastic. Makes you want to watch series 4 to see what the outcome is. Great programme. Love everything about it. I can’t wait for series 4 to arrive. In the meantime I will just have to keep watching the repeats.

  20. Excellent Series. The last time I enjoyed a detective series as much as this was the Sherlock Holmes production with Jeremy Brett. Keep us entertained.

  21. Like many people, I really like Murdoch, everything about it, actually, EXCEPT that the series is all over the TV map. One night it’s 9.00 pm Sunday, then 7 pm – one night it’s a new episode, the next an old one. the program is a gem, this scrabbling around is hurting it.

    I have to commend whoever adapted the books for TV because the show is so much better than the books, I couldn’t even finish the second one it became so tiresome

    Long live Murdoch – and the rest of the cast, too, perfect

  22. This is great news. The series is very entertaining and it has a very talented cast which, I hope, remains together for many years.

  23. This ithe best Detective series to come to British Televison for a long while the acting is superb please keep it coming.

  24. I really enjoy this show, even the re-runs. I hope this show continues for a long time.

  25. Regarding Thelma Dickson’s comments about the books, all I can say is that it was a good thing that most people disagree with you about the books, otherwise there never would have been a tv series.
    Let’s face it, books that seem to enthral the many these days are full of either serial killers and serial porn with vampires, case in point being The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo which I consider Agatha Christie meets James Patterson in Sweden. If that is your idea of good reading I would consider that a very sad state of affairs.

  26. Maybe you should do full disclosure, Iden, and point out that you’re the author’s husband and not entirely unbiased (which of course doesn’t invalidate your opinion).

  27. Well Diane, I do enjoy reading some of the posts TV-Eh. But after sitting in the emergency clinic on Tuesday with Maureen who suffered temporary blindness due to a fouled up medical procedure on one of her eyes, I was reading the latest reviews, for the light entertainment they provide, on your site and came across the posting regarding her books. Alas I was not in the most generous frame of mind.
    Since she recently sold the backlist to Poland and the Czech republic, and the tv series gets close to 700,000 viewers per week in the Czech Republic, I repeat my first comment on the critique . . “It’s good that you are in the minority as there never would have been a tv series if 99% of the people who love and read her work felt that way”.
    But I will say this further, there would not be 4 seasons of the tv series if viewers had believed many of the reviews you posted here about the series during season one.
    It’s so great that smart, independent minded people enjoy television and books without buying into what both the critics and the bloggers say until they have sampled an entertainment product for themselves.

  28. Iden, I’m sorry for your troubles but please read my comment again, which I don’t think was out of line. If you’d like me to stop posting about the show I will.

  29. Absolutely. And the press generally requires full disclosure of such affiliations. I appreciate your comments but in this case it’s particularly relevant who your wife is. I also ask writers/directors/producers to disclose when they’re commenting on their own shows – there are too many pseudonymous glowing comments here pretending to be fans who are actually people who work on the show.

  30. In my humble opinion, Maureen Jenning’s ‘Murdoch’ books are fabulous! The compelling characters, the seamless and intriguing stories, the attention to detail and historical accuracy and the humanity injected into each tale made me fall in love with the series. ‘Vices of My Blood’ and ‘Journeyman to Grief’, in particular, blew me away and I’ll be reading them again very soon! I’m not related to Maureen or Iden in any way but I am a big fan of their work (Iden’s a talented photographer) and I’m very happy to enjoy the fruits of their labour of love :)

  31. Having come across Murdoch Mysteries fairly recently, my husband and I are thoroughly enjoying the series. We love all the characters (knew Thomas Craig from “Where the Heart is” and “Coronation Street”) and feel that each episode seems to get better than the previous one. We are currently watching Series 3 and look forward to Series 4 and hopefully many more. Many thanks for a wonderful series here in UK.

  32. Can’t wait until series 4 appears on UK screens. I too would love to see William and Julia get together since William has already lost one love. How Julia could run away from the gorgeous William I’ll never understand!!!!

  33. I am thrilled that the series has been picked up by City TV. The series is trully CANADIAN AND ITS A PLEASURE TO WATCH! I check out the website for past missed episodes and am very happy to view full episodes off the City TV website!!!
    Congratulations in your continued success.

  34. Murdoch is great, but without Brackenreid and Crabtree, well he would just be talking to himself…

  35. Murdoch Mysteries is GREAT!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed the series I have been able to purchase, since we live in the US. The shows are well written and the whole cast is terrific. I am anxious to see Season 3. As for comments made about the Murdoch Mysteries books written by Maureen Jennings. I have loved reading every one of them. I could not put them down. Everyone on the Murdoch series, cast and crew – keep up the excellent work and continued success for many seasons to come.

  36. I love this show. I’m rarely hooked to a show and was really curious to know whether there was more to season III of this series.

  37. My husband & I simply love watching this feel good show. The acting and the story lines are superb. Thomas Craig is one of my favourite actors & this show just brings out the best in his acting abilities. I do hope Julia comes back in series 4 as the chemistry between her & Murdoch has me hooked. Good old Alibi came up with a winner with this one.

  38. Some of the Murdoch Mystery shows have been filmed in Brantford, Ontario, Canada last year. I really like this show and I am hoping it will continue and Citytv does show Season Four. My worry is that it has been on Citytv every Sunday this summer up until Sunday, September 4, 2010.

    It now seems to have gone off the air, as I checked for the next show for next Sunday, September 12, 2010 and there is no listing for it.

    So I say, is there going to be a Season Four or was the last episode of the Doctor accepting a position in Buffalo, N.Y. the final show?

    And the mystery contines…..

  39. Some of the Murdoch Mystery shows have been filmed in Brantford, Ontario, Canada last year. I really like this show and I am hoping it will continue and Citytv does show Season Four. My worry is that it has been on Citytv every Sunday this summer up until Sunday, September 4, 2010.

    It now seems to have gone off the air, as I checked for the next show for next Sunday, September 12, 2010 and there is no listing for it.

    So I say, is there going to be a Season Four or was the last episode of the Doctor accepting a position in Buffalo, N.Y. the final show?

    And the mystery continues…..

  40. Where has murdoch mysteries gone, cannot find it, my wife loves this show,great stories and local, smart actors. This is to good to just disappear. Come on now bring it back,eh. Rob.

  41. I’ve been waiting all summer to find out if Murdock Mysteries will be returning this fall. Every Sunday my husband and I look foward to watching this show. I can’t wait for the 4th season to begin. We trully enjoy all the characters, so hopefully they will all be back. It is one of the good shows on TV today.

  42. I totally agree – I can’t wait for Season 4 of Murdoch Mysteries – however, I think that it would be good for Murdoch to have Julia gone for a while (I think that is what will happen – her character will be out of the picture for part of the season – leaving Murdoch to “sweat it out” for a while.

  43. I finally have Season 3. MM is getting better and better. I absolutely love this show. The whole cast and crew are amazing. What chemistry, what talent. I can’t wait for Season 4, but I know it will take me forever to get it. When is the US going to wise up and pick up this show on our PBS station?????

  44. The show will not be the same without Julia. Come back Julia Ogden!!!! All males make a boring show it’s like having Punch without Judy.

  45. I love this show, I live in Perth Australia, and I would have to say that this is the best TV show in a very long time. I love all the characters and am happy to hear there will be a Season 4

  46. Omg I really want to see more from murdoch mysteries. It’s the best television series EVER!!!!!! Helene Joy better come back GRRRRR please.

  47. Live in New York, and am an avid Murdoch Mysteries fan. Have the original movie and all (3) Seasons. Also looking forward to Season 4. Understand it will begin broadcasting in early 2011. Until then, will wait with baited breath. All of the characters add flavor to this program, and along with all the others “Julia” come back, or “Murdoch” get on with it!!!! It is going to be interesting to see how the writers deal with these two characters.

  48. Just finished watching the”2010 Canadian Gemini Awards” and Helene Joy who plays “Julia” was up fpr a best actress award for a show called” Durham County”. Does this mean she has left our dear Murdoch completely!!!

  49. Ha, you mean the secret of Durham County’s existence? ;) Or that she’s done? All of them are – the 3rd season is finished filming and they’ve already announced it’s the last.

  50. Murdock Mysteries is one of the best Canadian Productions.. Even enjoy watching reruns.. I was glad to find that the series will return.

  51. Diane, there are movies of the week coming for DC. So the show goes on in a different format.
    I adore both Murdoch and Durham. Both great great Canadian productions which is also proven my their huge international following.

  52. Yes Iden, but shh, I was trying to lessen the spoiler :) (Though to me it’s not a spoiler if it’s aired already, it’s news.) In any case, the bigger point is Durham didn’t take her away from Murdoch. They coexist peacefully.

  53. Interesting to read of the exuberance we all share for Murdoch and the gang!

    (Bragging rights, please: they filmed several of the episodes at Canada’s National Historic Site Glanmore House here in Belleville, Ontario.)

    I am so delighted to know a new and delicious season will soon be upon us…tho not soon enough for any of us it would seem. We know, though, that the Season 4 will do much to assuage our worn out-patience. Never have I read so intently, well, at all, the TV listings and all to no avail. I can stop that cursed form of anticipation and relish the upcoming season. Thanks for letting us know! I thought I was the only one around ’cause none of my crowd have even heard of the show which never ceases to amaze me. However, I have found wonderful opportunity here to share with like-minded fans. I assure you, I will pursue the ignorants with relish now that I have something concrete to invite them to share with me, come “early 2011”. I totally agree with those who bemoan about the shows curious and spontaneous dodging up and down the remote. Tsk. Put it in the spot where Oprah’s leaving and you’ll have ’em captivated.

  54. My friends and I absolutely love ‘Murdoch Mysteries’ and are thrilled that a series 4 is being made. Hope it will show on ‘Alibi’ here in Uk, although it deserves a prime time slot on one of the major stations. The appeal is (the gorgeous Yannick Bisson notwithstanding) the clever way that modern techniques and issues are seamlessly woven into the storylines and the electric chemistry between the show’s regular characters. I do hope we have not seen the last of Dr Ogden who is the perfect foil for Murdoch.
    One of the best detective series ever, if not the best.

  55. Winner of the Seoul Drama Awards 2010 excellent Series Drama — Murdoch Mysteries Season 3

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