In the news: Where Canadian comedy gets it right, drama gets it wrong

From Alex Strachan of Canwest News Service:


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One thought on “In the news: Where Canadian comedy gets it right, drama gets it wrong”

  1. Sir, those stories ARE being told – the Cdn media is just not doing an adequate job of promoting them. There IS a teacher drama – Radio-Canada’s VIRGINIE, now more than 12 SEASONS OLD. Aboriginal detective mystery/strange happenings in a small town? APTN’s RABBIT FALL. Ended after just TWO SEASONS. Political thriller/intrigue? CBC’s SNAKES AND LADDERS. Or to go way back, QUENTIN DURGENS, MP. Ensemble drama in a conflict zone? Try WHISKEY ECHO, ZOS, HUMAN CARGO, ANSWERERED BY FIRE (yes I’m including co-pros)…Coast Guard Action drama: THE GUARD. But I never see requirements to schedule these shows at high-viewership times. If the US dramas are so good or popular, let THEM be scheduled at 10pm on Friday or Saturday night, or during the summer! Since people will tune in to them no matter what!

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