YTV to air Splatalot

From a media release:

marblemedia Set to Produce New Series Splatalot for Canada, the U.K. and Australia

marblemedia today announced it will produce Splatalot, a hilarious medieval-themed physical game show geared to the 8-12 year-old audience, for YTV in Canada, BBC in the U.K. and ABC in Australia. The 26-episode series features Canada’s largest extreme obstacle course with more wipe outs and spills ever imaginable. It will be shot north of Toronto this summer, and delivered spring 2011.

Three versions of the series will be shot and customized for each of the participating countries, with two hosts selected from Canada, the U.K. and Australia respectively. Each episode will feature a different group of 12 thrill-seeking teen contestants, dubbed Attackers, competing in three cringe-inducing rounds: Cross the Moat, Storm the Castle, and Steal the Crown. The Defenders of Splatalot, an international squad of six medieval-themed gladiators, will do their best to protect the castle from the Attackers – only leaving one to be crowned Prince or Princess of Splatalot.

marblemedia is developing an interactive online environment, where the splat-stick comedy will continue with a series of flash games, taking the Splatalot experience to the next level. The website will offer games such as Master Splatter, a strategy game where players create their own sludge-filled obstacle course for an army of invaders; Splatapus, a highly addictive game with puzzle-like levels where players take on the role of Defender and wipe out the Attackers in the most splat-tastic ways possible.

International distribution of Splatalot will be handled by Distribution360.

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145 thoughts on “YTV to air Splatalot”

  1. Hello,

    My name is Emily and I am fourteen years old. I am very interested in being a contestant on the new show, Splatalot. How can I apply for this show?


    1. you rilly need to extersize.

      hope you win see you on splat a lot.go down for more


      by the way if you win i’m your bigest fan.

      thank you.

      by the way i am nine years old and i’m you fan.

      thank you very much bye.

      I love you

      i’m a girl by the way.

      1. i’m a girl im 9 year old
        i like to do lots of Fun suff
        i live at Sandy lake i have lots a friends

  2. u cant unless u have a connection like a friend who went to a theater camp or u did then they will send u an app it is 13- 15 not 8-12 if u get an app u will need to send in three photos (head shot, and 2 body) and a video. the crazier the video the better ur chance is to get in. u will also need to fill in 3 pages of questions about urself if u do however get in there will be one filming to see if u can handle it and they will cut some people. hope this helps! i am in and so is my bro great big theater company is the camp i went to so u might be able to email them and ask for an application. u better hurray though bc the first filming will be in mid august GOOD LUCK :)

  3. Hi, my name is Haley and I will be a contestant on this show. Nicole is right, you can only apply if you have a friend with connections to an acting school or agency.

    Have a great day!

  4. Hey, my name is Jonathan Davis i live in the Orangeville area, no obstacle course is a match for my athletic ability, BRING IT ON !!!

  5. Nicole, i would soo love to be on this. my friend got on & I realy wanted to too ! can you get me an application ? please email me asap ! cockadoodoo@hotmail. that would be amaazing !:)

  6. Hello my name is Ala! I will be one of the contestants on the new show, Splatalot! NIchole and haley are right!!

    have a great day!

  7. k, im gonna be on the show, and literally anyone can be on it.
    theyre trying get as many people as possible.
    im pretty sure it’s too late to apply now, because we’ve already found out the dates of our shootings.
    there is also no audition necessary, you just have to fill out a form.
    ps, i am with an agency, but they told me that i can send the application to all of my friends too, so as long as you know someone with the form, you can get in.
    hope this helps.

  8. nicole, you dont need anyone in connection to anything. its free to anyone. and i would know because ive already got accepted and the filming day is september 7th. nuffsaid.

  9. hi i live in orangeville this saw this person walking aroung with a weired hair do my neighbours say he is from england and in harry potter with another girl who are both the defenders, how wicked is that, awsome or what want to say hi and get autograph but just waiting, the girl is really small, and really pretty, like pocohontas dont think she is from uk though has anyone else heard this, would be amazing if right

  10. My son was on the show….. don’t get excited over any promises of prizes… he was paid to be on set, but marblemedia didn’t follow through on the prizes….disappointing. Does anyone else know what is happening or not happening with the prizes.

  11. We’d like to thank all the contestants who participated in the filming of Splatalot and hope they all had fun. For the Champions of Splatalot, we specially commissioned the design of personalized award plaques and have now sent them out to all the winners. Please email us at with any questions. Thanks.

    1. Pretty lame prize if it is a plaque. What happened to promises of something “really fun” on their Facebook page. Do you think a 13 yr old would think a plaque would be a fitting prize for winning a TV competition? Pretty poor showing Marblemedia! With all that was sunk into the production, slip the kids an iPod or something of some value!

    2. A plaque?! You’re kidding, right? That is such a lame prize for such a big production. That’s not a prize. I thought the prize was supposed to be something fun for the kids. I’m disappointed Marblemedia. At least try to follow through.

  12. What? a plague! Seriously? You have got to be kidding me. That’s not even close to a decent prize for a T.V game show! This isn’t going to make you guys look very good Marblemedia.

  13. me and my friend are 13 and we would like to apply for this show how do we do tht ?

  14. i know i am pretty late at this but if anyone who is with a agency can send me the application. i read up above that anyone can apply i an really interested. HELP?

  15. I’d love to get on somehow I already e-mailed them and i’d totally win if i got on… or maybe i’d fail completly anywho please send me the app

  16. hey i REALLY want to be on the show its like my dream. its the closest thing i could find to “wipeout” please help cuz i dont know where and how to sign up, i hope im not late… PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!

  17. hey my name is jj and i think your show looks really fun and i think i can beat it so if you think im good for it email me

  18. I don’t know how old you have to be to be on the show but I would really like to be on splatalot. i don’t know if i am late but could you email me and tell me how old I have to be at THANKS :)

  19. Hi my name is Emily,I love your show.
    My mom is wondering how old do you have to be.
    Well, I love your show!
    I don’t know how/where to sign up.
    Your show is like Wipe out, but for kids.

  20. This should be open to all Canadian residents not just part of the theater camp group!!

    The general public is watching and they should have a go at it too!!

  21. can i PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ BE ON SPLATALOT i have to be on the show I would win for shore. \

  22. wazz up im nathan im 14 years old and i want to enter into this contest but how do i do that?

  23. Hey, I a Dakota and 11 years old and would love too be on splatalot but I must warn u. No obstacel course is a match for me so PLEASE write me with an application form so I can show u my mad skills pce!!!!!

  24. Hello my name is Anthony I am 11 years old.I play hockey and soccer and I would love to be on this show.But how do you get on?

  25. Hello im Aidan id love to be on tv :D Im A good jumper and definly a comidian im also very fast oops am i to confident wait i can never be to confident so can i be on pleasssssssssssssssse no? pretty pleeeeeaaaaase now youll say yes

  26. My name is Duncan McBeath. I am a 13 year old boy who is very interested in being a contestant on splat-a-lot. I have very good agility and I am very funny, which is very good for the cameras.

  27. i rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want to be on the show. im wacthing it right now, could somebody send me an app or something at

  28. i am a 13 year old girl who would love to be on this show .

    i am sort of sporty and think being on the show would be fun.

    i here this summer you are fillming in toronto and i live close by.

    i rely rely rely rely rely rely want to be on the show.

    PS: the whole e-mail name i did when i was younger so ya it dosent reflect me at all

  29. Hi
    I would like to join the show!! I dont care if i win anything or not I just wanna go through the obstacle courses!! How do you get in ?

  30. hi
    i would like to do the show
    can some one plz send me a application or something?

    1. i really want to be on SPLATALOT!!!!!!!! it’s the best show in the world. please put me on

  31. It’s already spring 2011 and I want to sign up for this. Will there be more for this summer? Cuz u REALLY REALLY want to do this!!!

  32. please put me on!its the best of best show in univrise! its also funny!it looks fun plus the hexagon thing round looks fun!!!!

  33. i would like to be on the show can someone send me an app form or something

  34. this reminds me of wipeout but for kids, its pretty simple and i little challenge for childen i think i would do awesome!i love love to sign up so if someone could send me a link or something i’d be happy :)

  35. Ummm i kinda REALLY wanna get on Splatalot….. can some one tell me how to or send me a link??? please help i REALLY wanna get on Splatalot!!!!!

    1. Hey! I’m Charlee! I was wondering if someone could send me a link or something to be on SPLATALOT ??? I absolutely L.O.V.E. that show! My FAVE defenders are Ballista, Skabb, Tinkor and Kookaburra! They ROCK!! Anyways, I’d love to be on SPLATALOT, so a link would really help, thanx!

  36. i really want to go on splatalot it look’s very fun and I know there is alot of people out there who would like to go on and I hope they might get on but I just want to say I
    really want to get on the show but I know they
    might not pick me but I really want to go on the show so you can contact me and please send me a link please :)

  37. Hello,I’d really apreciate if you email me directions on what to do to go on the show.If possible,also where I’d need to go and whatnot.Even if I don’t do good, that is if I did go on the show,I would know that I was on TV and (ovcourse) had fun..Thank you for your time. :)


  39. I’m ready for the challenge to be on splatalot to cross everything that comes in my way I will be the king of splatalot

  40. Hi, im Phoebe (Wolfie is my nickname) and i would LOVE to be on splatalot! It looks like soo much fun. i want to be on Wipeout when im older so Splatalot looks like Wipeout for kids! (thats what i call it) Please email me or something since i would DIE to be on this show! Thanks!:)

  41. I LOVVVEEEE SPLAT ALOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS PLS LET ME TRY!!!! and i love all the defenders!! :D ;)

  42. i would love to be on SPLATALOT!!!!!!! ITS MY LIFE LONG DREAM TO BE ON T.V.

  43. sup i wud love to try cuz i got 2 reasons
    1- i want to take on gildar
    2- i got nthng els to do

  44. Hey, my name is sarah and i think that SPLATALOT is the BEST SHOW ON YTV! :)
    I would really like to be a contestant on this AMAZING SHOW! please email me the details :D AND I WOULD REALLY INJOY DISTROYING THE DEFENDERS!!!!!!! and i want to take on SKABB.!


  45. Hello my name is manal and when i saw splatalot i thought it was the challengingest show ever that is why I want to be in splatalot as the defenders please write back

  46. i realy love the show can matt chin send me a application form pleeeeeeeeeeeeeese i would try my best.:)

  47. i live in canada and i am strong and fast a love you show ill watch it eve day and plzzzzzzzz i love the idea of peopel falling down and i want to trave where ever u guys are with my family and 3 fiends so plzz send form

  48. i really want to be on the show because it looks lake so much fun and i want my family to come with e to go whee ever u guy are so i can have some fun and finally have a good challeng

  49. i am tuning 12 in a littel bit but i love splatalot and i am very fast and poweful and i will destoy the defendes


  51. omg my dad would kill for me to be on splat a lot i love your show and i would do anything to get on plzzz PUT ME ON YOUR SHOW plzz

  52. i really want to be on spatalot its so awsome its out of this world and all of us who want to cant because ytv dose not allow you or us

  53. please let me on your show please it looks like realy fun to try. can you? it’s so COOL!

  54. Just wondering if there will be another chance to sign up or try out for Splat-a-lot in Canada. Would you mind sending me some information? Thank you.

  55. Hi there,

    I wonder this summer it will be held in north of Toronto right? Can you please confirm me full dealtis where the area so maybe can my younger cousins can join? I want all the information, please let’s me know soon.



  56. where do i sign up for splatalot and where is it? email me back as soon as you can

  57. I have loved watching your show every day. I am from Columbia but I am now a Canadian, I am in fostercare, but my new parents are the greated they are my best friends, I still vist my mom and my brothers and sisters we have (8)alltogether but I have love for everyone of them. I just need to do this for myself to see if I can handle a challenge
    I think I can, because my
    life so far in Canada has been a very big challenge, but I would not change anything I have done so far, I love Canada and my new foster family they take go care of me, thanks,mom and dad

  58. hey guys im 11 years old im awsome at sports i love the show and i want to be on it thx guys

  59. hi guys im 12 years old im very good at sports and i love the show its gona be awsome for me to join thx

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