Grim Sweepers premieres on Mystery TV July 4

From a media release:


  • Join the crew of Toronto-based Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners Inc. for an enlivening look at the business of Death Cleaning
  • Grim Sweepers Premieres Sunday, July 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Mystery TV

Radar Station Pictures, in association with Mystery TV, presents the premiere of the one-hour docusoap Grim Sweepers, airing Sunday, July 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Mystery TV. The pilot episode follows Christian Cadieux and his company Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners Inc. as they set out to clean and decontaminate multiple death and decomposition scenes.

Described as “CSI” meets “Trailer Park Boys”, Grim Sweepers tackles cleaning challenges left over from murders, suicides, drug labs, animal infestations and disease. The crew faces messes, odours, stains, larva and bodily fluid, all while balancing professional conflicts and personal relationships.

It takes a special kind of personality to head up Canada’s most colourful, quirky and eccentric cleaning business. With the stress of growing a revolutionary business and competition on the rise, there’s never a dull moment for Cadieux and the intriguing cast of employees he counts as friends.

Christian Cadieux is President of Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaners Inc. He and his employees offer nationwide service and training for the safe, effective, clean-up and removal of Biohazardous Infectious Materials.

Grim Sweepers is produced by Radar Station Pictures Inc. in association with Canwest Broadcasting with the participation of the Canadian Television Fund, the Ontario Film and Television Tax Credit, and the Canadian Film and Video Production Tax Credit.


7 thoughts on “Grim Sweepers premieres on Mystery TV July 4”

  1. This show should be da bomb! I have know one of its creators personally for about 7 yrs now, this show has been a labour of love for the past 4+ years. Everyone should check it out!

  2. This is truly a great canadian show. I like the participants and the stories. I always wondered who got to do that dirty job. Very interesting and informative show. Keep up the good work and hope to see more of Grim Sweepers in the coming weeks. Hope everyone gets a chance to see the show, please check it out.

  3. good idea to bad you didnt make it though……………………….lol

  4. How do I get a job there?

    These guy’s and Gal’s were great, I think this show will make it big

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