Savaged with Dave Salmoni premieres on Discovery World HD August 4

From a media release:

All-New Canadian Series Commissioned Exclusively for Discovery World HD, SAVAGED WITH DAVE SALMONI Features Lifesaving Advice From Apex Predator Expert, Aug. 4

  • Canadian Dave Salmoni brings new techniques and technologies to this three-part exploration of wild animal attacks on humans

SavageCharged by a rhino, dragged by a 225kg alligator and bitten by a bull shark. Will these victims find the strength to overcome their fears and face these wild animals again? Few people ever experience anything more physically devastating, blindsiding and bizarre than those who have been attacked by a wild animal. Just two days after the network launch, Discovery World HD takes viewers on an emotional – and harrowing – journey around the world with wild animal attack survivors when SAVAGED WITH DAVE SALMONI premieres Wednesday, August 4 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT. Join host Dave Salmoni – zoologist, big predator expert and attack survivor – as he uses expertise and forensic investigation to understand why people are attacked, how they can survive and how to avoid a similar fate.

An attack victim himself, Salmoni is uniquely suited to help victims recover from emotional trauma, providing an understanding of how wild animals become provoked and exploring ways to prevent similar attacks from occurring in the future. In each episode Salmoni meets with two attack victims and walks them through their ordeal in an effort to help them learn to appreciate these untamed animals. Returning to the site of the attack, the victims recreate their terrifying experience and Salmoni introduces them to a tame animal of the same species to help them replace negative memories of their attack with positive images of animals in the wild.

Attacks on people by wild animals might be rare but when they happen they’re both physically and emotionally traumatizing. SAVAGED WITH DAVE SALMONI helps viewers understand the animal’s point of view by exploring the world of wild animals, their instincts and behaviour, and the pressures on their species to survive in an ever-shrinking habitat. Salmoni shows the victims – and the viewer – that the animals are likely not stalking humans as prey but rather patrolling their territory, protecting their young or even suffering from starvation. Finally, he looks at how we can share our wild spaces with these animals while preventing similar near-death experiences.


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  1. Can this be viewed on regular Bell Expressvu or will it be available on the internet? I do not have an HD receiver, therefore will not be able to see this :( My friend’s brother will be on this show and would really like to see it.

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