In the news: More Haven reviews, interviews

smallFrom Joel Rubinoff of the Guelph Mercury Record:

  • Elmira native finds haven on new TV series
    “When Elmira native Lucas Bryant got word he landed a starring role in the cable series Haven (10 p.m. Monday on Showcase) — a quirky cross between Twin Peaks and The X-Files with a creative dose of Moonlighting — it was a much-needed vote of confidence after an 18-month dry spell.” Read more.

From Christina Radish of Collider:

  • Emily Rose Interview HAVEN
    “During an interview to promote the TV show, star Emily Rose talked about what attracted her to the role, how much she enjoys playing a strong female, what it’s like to shoot in Nova Scotia and the appeal of a world created by Stephen King.” Read more.

From Daniel Fienberg of HitFix:

  • TV Review: Syfy’s ‘Haven’
    “If, for example, your character is a spunky and determined young FBI agent who works so much she never has time to take a vacation? That character shouldn’t be introduced asleep and then complaining about her workload and lack of social life. Because no matter where the story goes from there, no matter how often you try showing me that you have a character who never leaves the job behind, who never stops asking questions, who refuses to quit until she’s finished her task, what I remember is the character comfortably, placidly, restfully asleep.” Read more.

From RJ Carter of The Trades:

  • Haven a “Damn Fine Pie” Shy of Twin Peaks?
    “At first blush, it looks as though Haven might fall into the old “freak of the week” plot trap that bogged down the first few seasons of Smallville. But the creative team, most of whom worked together on The Dead Zone, have a larger story in mind as they tap Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid for series potential.” Read more.