In the news: The Bridge reviews

From Mike Hale of the New York Times:

  • A Cop Fights Crimes in and Out of the Station
    “Among this summer’s crop of new crime dramas, “The Bridge” is the one to root for, if only because its heart is in the right place. A co-venture of CBS, where it begins with two episodes on Saturday night, and the Canadian network CTV, the series is in the NYPD Blue and Southland vein, trying for realism. It isn’t in those shows’ league, but it’s a welcome change from the glossy triviality of other summer filler like Rookie Blue or The Good Guys.” Read more.

From Tom Conroy of Media Life Magazine:

  • ‘The Bridge,’ dark journey to our north
    “Most Americans think of Canadians as being good citizens with gentle temperaments and a clear sense of right and wrong. This can be a problem with the many crime dramas that are filmed there. Once a Canadian pronunciation sneaks into a villain’s dialogue, he is immediately 50 percent less menacing.” Read more.