Blackstone starts production

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Blackstone Goes to Series

Prairie Dog Film + Television is green lit to produce eight one-hour episodes for APTN and Showcase Inspired by its highly successful TV pilot, APTN and Showcase join forces to produce eight one-hour episodes of Blackstone. The show premieres early in 2011 on APTN and Showcase.
Principle photography begins July 12.

Intense, compelling and confrontational, Blackstone is an unmuted exploration of power and politics on an Indian reserve.

“Blackstone is relevant and relational in an Aboriginal story world, with universal themes and conflicts”, said Creator Ron E. Scott.

The series delves into the tumultuous lives of residents on the Blackstone Indian Reserve. It begins with newly appointed Chief Leona Stoney (Carmen Moore) struggling in her new role. After losing re-election, corrupt former chief Andy Fraser (Eric Schweig) continues his questionable behaviour by attempting to remove incriminating files and orchestrating an alliance to replace the new Chief. Gail Stoney (Michelle Thrush) is still in mourning over the tragic death of her daughter Natalie (Roseanne Supernault), and ends up in the hospital. Outspoken councilor Victor Merasty (Nathaniel Arcand) struggles to have a relationship with his daughter in the city, while fighting for what he believes in. The community of Blackstone becomes divided as police are allowed to investigate, then prosecute, in a child abuse case. Life in the city serves as a continuous temptation, as the new generation of reserve leaders fight to create lasting and substantial change from within the community.

Blackstone is produced by Prairie Dog Film + Television in association with Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Showcase and Canwest Broadcasting, with the assistance of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Media Fund, with the participation of the Canada Media Fund and with the assistance of The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

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  1. hey – i really ike the show – was recommended to me by my sister in northern alberta. One thing – i have a big tv (high def) and i notice the camera moves a lot (back and forth, side to side) which makes it a bit distracting/dizzy at times (e.g. when gordon is talking to the lady in the hospital). Other than that, excellent job and i am so impressed with this cutting edge canadian show!! thx!

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