New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “Unconditional Love”

FlashpointFriday, July 16


In this special Season 3 sneak peek episode, Team One must resolve a standoff at a seedy motel with a fugitive who has shot two police officers and taken a teenager, Paul Wilder (Devon Bostick, ROOKIE BLUE), hostage. At first Paul seems like a good kid in a bad situation, but as the team digs deeper it uncovers chilling secrets that reveal Paul is far from innocent. What began as a standoff ends as a desperate chase through the city’s sewer system, and it’s up to Sgt. Parker (Enrico Colantoni) to stop Paul from making a mistake that will change him forever.

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  1. I second that – awesome big photo ’cause Spike is my favourite!!! Awesome episode too!!!

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