3 thoughts on “In the news: CBS unsure of Flashpoint future”

  1. It’s time for the folks involved in these 2 series, and others, to realize that working with the people south of the border is not the route to take. International promotion of both these series would bear much more fruit, especially given that CBS has enough on its plate already, and has numerous projects in-the-wings, just waiting for the OK to produce a “pilot”
    episode…. change course folks, or perish !

  2. That doesn’t really make sense in the case of Flashpoint, The Bridge, The Listener, etc. given that CTV is going ahead with new seasons whether or not the American broadcaster is on board (and in the case of The Bridge and The Listener … they’re absolutely not on board). And they are being sold internationally as well. It’s not an either/or situation.

  3. Not necessarily having one U.S. TV network on board is a good thing that could happen to Flashpoint. In fact, since the second season and also from what I’ve seen in the episode of the third season, the show hides less and less its Canadian roots.

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