Family Channel fall 2010 schedule includes Connor Undercover and Wingin’ It

Connor Undercover
Canadian Original Series (13x30min)

Premieres September 17 2010 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT
Regular timeslot – Fridays 9:30 p.m. ET/PT

Helicopters. Double agents. Triple crosses. Somebody’s after Gisela Calicos and Connor Heath is going to find out who. Fifteen-year-old Connor Heath’s world is rocked when a beautiful president’s daughter is sent – for her own safety – to live with his family. But dangers from home follow, and the two teens must scheme to figure out the mystery that’s taken over their lives – if they can only figure out how to get along first! Stars Max Morrow, Lola Tash and Jordan Francis.

Wingin’ It, Season 2
Canadian Original Series (13 x 30 min)

Premieres January 2011

Wingin’ It follows 16-year-old Angel-In-Training Porter Jackson (Demetrius Joyette, The Latest Buzz, Roxy Hunter). In order to get his angel‘s wings, Porter has been assigned the task of transforming 15-year-old Carl Montclaire (Dylan Everett, How to be Indie) into the most popular student at Bennett High. Now that Carl and Porter are in their second year of high school, Porter has to work harder than ever to make Carl popular. If Porter fails, he’ll be replaced by the sassy new angel-in-training, Denise, who has disguised herself as a student at Bennett High and will do everything she can to prove she’s more deserving of her angel wings than Porter.