In the news: Enrico Colantoni spills beans on Flashpoint costar Hugh Dillon

From Alex Strachan of Canwest:

  • Hugh Dillon works well with others, according to Rico Colantoni
    “Enrico “Rico” Colantoni looks virtually unrecognizable on this summer evening from his Flashpoint character, Toronto SRU squad commander Sgt. Greg Parker. Colantoni is sporting a full beard and porkpie hat. He couldn’t look less Hollywood, or Hollywood North, if he tried. And yet, he fits right in with the eclectic Southern California crowd that has gathered at The Tent, a makeshift party-ground in Beverly Hills where the stars, producers and program executives of CBS, Showtime and The CW’s TV series have gathered to celebrate the night and sing the praises of the upcoming fall TV season.” Read more.