New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “Severed Ties” – Season 3 premiere

98841 00667(1)10 p.m. – FLASHPOINT – “Severed Ties” – SEASON PREMIERE

Maggie Perrello (Kelly Rowan, THE O.C.) was the perfect mother until her addiction to prescription meds spiraled out of control. It cost Maggie a stint in jail, and the loss of her beloved daughters into foster care. Now she’s out of jail, clean and sober, and yearns to bring her children home. When Maggie discovers that she can’t have her kids back, she turns desperate and kidnaps the girls. Team One answers the call. But when an unexpected complication threatens one of the girls’ safety, will Sgt. Parker (Enrico Colantoni) be able to convince Maggie to make the ultimate sacrifice?