TV, eh? podcast episode 6: Losing Your Turn At The Wheel Of Fortune

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This week on the podcast, Anthony Marco and I talk about the sudden departure of CBC’s Richard Stursberg and what that might mean to my beloved Battle of the Blades (“the cheesiest thing on earth on skates”) and to American imports such as Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. We also almost-sincerely pity CBC for the enormity of their digital switch challenge, and almost-sarcastically pity Canadian journalists at the TV critics press tour for having to scrape for a Canadian angle – this time about The Kids In The Hall. And we discuss whether cable is making a dent in broadcast ratings, in the US and Canada.

The featured interview this week is with Brent Piaskoski and Barbara Haynes, writers of some great tween TV (The Latest Buzz, Naturally Sadie) and Twitter stars. We discuss the state of kids TV in Canada, how it’s mostly escaped the “Canadian TV sucks” stigma, and their spec pilot based on their blog and Twitter feed I Do Already.

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