Interview: Writer Tassie Cameron of Rookie Blue, Flashpoint

From the Orangeville Citizen:

  • Writer delves into the dark side of police work for realism
    “At still under 40, writer Tassie Cameron has made her considerable mark on the world of television drama series. Her current rave success is in its first season with the second season well in the making: Rookie Blue. This is her current success, but it’s not her first. ” Read more.

2 thoughts on “Interview: Writer Tassie Cameron of Rookie Blue, Flashpoint”

  1. Somebody at the Orangeville paper needs to go back to editing school. Either that or the writer of that article is an amateur. I noted several mistakes that made it painful to read.

    Otherwise, this writer is making great series. LOVE FP, I thought Would-Be Kings was awesome, and I like Rookie Blue but I wish she would stop having the characters refer to each other as ‘Officer’ this-and that. I don’t about the inside since I have no connection to the police but we don’t say that (at least the media doesn’t). It’s Constable, or PC, or Det. Const. or Staff Inspector so -and-so. Are these series set in Toronto or not? Which lead to my next beef –

    And after seeing last night’s RB, please tell someone in the wardrobe dept. to take a lesson from FP and change the hats!! They are totally not what Cdn police wear (which is a coloured band around the middle and either a crown or beaver insignia). The hats they have now look Amercian and do not reflect T.O.

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