APTN’s Cashing In starts production on 3rd season

From a media release:


Production recently began on the third season of Cashing In, the popular television series that airs on APTN (Aboriginal Peoples Television Network).


Through elaborate love triangles, merry mix-ups and ever-twisting plot lines, Cashing In exposes the high-stakes, winner-takes-all world of First Nations gaming. The half-hour drama is set on the fictional Stonewalker First Nation in Southern Manitoba. Nestled comfortably beside an affluent beach community, the North Beach Casino is a successful gaming facility jam-packed with sharp executives, smooth dealers and rising stars. In other words: sex, money and power.

In season one and season two, the North Beach Casino is purchased by Mathew Tommy, a ruthless casino mogul who plans to make it the jewel of his empire crown. But he must wheel and deal while earning the respect of his toughest critic – his son Justin. Mathew decides North Beach is the perfect training ground for Justin, and he’s got just the person to oversee the task: Liz McKendra, his bright, sexy development executive with a lethal combination of brains and brawn. But things quickly go awry when Justin and Liz meet John Eagle, the good-looking, wealthy rancher who also happens to be Mathew’s longtime rival. Things heat up when Justin decides he’d rather be a cowboy than a crown prince. Adding fuel to the fire is Liz, who quickly falls for John’s charm. There’s no shortage of bad blood between Mathew and John, and between Mathew and everyone else he has stepped on during his rise to the top. It’s only a matter of time before what’s gone around comes around.

In the third season of Cashing In, after suffering a near-fatal gunshot wound, Mathew Tommy’s hold on his gaming empire is now in the hands of his son – but can he step up? As questions emerge about whether Justin Tommy can cut the deck, Mathew’s past continues to surface while he seeks vengeance for the attempt on his life. On top of looming business and family pressures, John Eagle is planning to wed Liz McKendra, who was Mathew’s top executive before Justin fired her. With Liz no longer running the show, the naive but ambitious Cheyenne Blueweed views her departure as opportunity, and is willing to do just about anything to clinch her place in the casino empire. As Cheyenne tries to find her way, her cousin Trevor Blueweed embarks on a journey of his own, and realizes that his ‘gift’ may be a whole lot trickier than his lounge magic act.


Cashing In boasts some of today’s hottest Canadian talent, with veteran actor Eric Schweig as Mathew Tommy, triple threat Karen Holness as Liz McKendra, and actor/musician Glen Gould as John Eagle. Also featured are Wesley French as Justin Tommy, Sarah Podemski as Cheyenne Blueweed, Gregory Odjig as Cheyenne’s cousin Trevor Blueweed, and Tina Keeper as Aura Sphere.

Rounding out the cast are Stephen Eric McIntyre as Eddie, Nancy Sorel as Claire Eastman, John B. Lowe as William Eastman, Jenny Pudavick as Stacy Pelletier, Kyle Nobess as Barry, and Akalu Meekis as Scott.


Cashing In is being directed for a third season by Norma Bailey. The series is a co-production between Kistikan Pictures, Inc. in association with Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc. and Animiki See Digital Productions Inc. Executive Producers are Peter Strutt, Phyllis Laing and Norma Bailey. Producers Vanessa Loewen and Jean du Toit are joined by a great new addition to the producing team this season, Tina Keeper.

The third season of Cashing In will see seven new half-hour episodes produced, in addition to the seven episodes shot last season, and six episodes from season one. Right from the start, Cashing In has been a leader in training initiatives, with a number of training positions each season filled by Aboriginal crew, ranging from entry-level internships to key position upgrades. Training has also taken place for a number of screenwriters, producers and directors, who were mentored in their specific areas. This season, one episode will be directed by Tracey Deer, who was a director trainee in season one, and director observer in season two.

Shooting takes place at rural locations in and around Bird’s Hill, Selkirk, Lockport and Scanterbury. Locations inside the City of Winnipeg include Canadinns, Calm Air, and the Canadian Mennonite University. Production is scheduled to wrap September 21, 2010.


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