TV, eh? podcast episode 8 – So You Think We Can Podcast Canada

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Anthony Marco and I give a rundown of September’s new Canadian shows, including Lost Girl, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, Call Me Fitz, Men With Brooms and Shattered.

I rant about Global’s marketing department doing such a poor job of marketing Shattered in particular, their history of poor CanCon marketing, and their delusion that they have the only new Canadian show premiering this fall (hello, see above).

So You Think You Can Dance Canada guest judge Mary Murphy joins me for an interview to talk about the Top 22, what’s unique about the Canadian version of the show, her negotiations to come back full time on the US version, and more.

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3 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 8 – So You Think We Can Podcast Canada”

  1. I love this site, but can you scale back the ‘So You Think You Can Dance Canada’ love? There’s like 9 posts on the first page alone!

  2. If you listen to the podcast you’ll understand that’s not out of love. Do a Google News search and see how much I *don’t* post on it. But it’s on almost every day, hence all the “New tonight” posts, and there’s nothing else out there on other shows. By all means, if you see articles I’m not seeing on other shows, email or comment to let me know.

  3. There are people out there who are interested in the SYTYCD Ca information. It’s also a show worth watching, especially on time shift. That way you can fast forward through all the reality stuff you may not like and just concentrate on the dances which are great.

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