New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “Jumping at Shadows”

fp-gallery 0002(1)10 p.m. – FLASHPOINT – “Jumping at Shadows” – NEW EPISODE

Team One must intercept a deadly plan when a crime from the past catches up with a family living on the run. Kristen Thomson (OF MURDER AND MEMORY) and Yannick Bisson (MURDOCH MYSTERIES) guest star.

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One thought on “New tonight: Flashpoint on CTV – “Jumping at Shadows””

  1. Yannick Bisson rocked Flashpoint last night! He and the girl that played his daughter were dynamite. A quality Canadian show casting talented Canadian actors…exactly what Canada deserves. Now, can we please have more funding for these exceptional home-grown shows? We’ve proved we can do it really well with the likes of Durham County, Flashpoint, Murdoch Mysteries etc. so, to borrow a phrase, ‘let’s get this show on the road’!

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