‘Dastard drought’ ends with Call Me Fitz

From Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail:

  • Jason Priestley: No more Mr. Nice Guy
    “The dastard drought ends with Call Me Fitz (Sunday, HBO Canada at 9 p.m.). The original series casts former Beverly Hills, 90210 mainstay Jason Priestley as one Richard Fitzpatrick, a wretched womanizer besotted by booze, addled by drugs and seemingly without a single redeeming quality. Even more unforgivably, he’s a used-car salesman.” Read more.
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One thought on “‘Dastard drought’ ends with Call Me Fitz”

  1. I hope someone posts this on BitTorrent tomorrow, seeing as this hasn’t been picked up in the Modesto Fresno Tulare Bakersfield region by OTA or sat. Not even US HBO.

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