TV, eh? podcast episode 13: The Tudors and Todd

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There’s not one but TWO interviews in this podcast … one with Torrance Coombs of The Tudors (Wednesdays on CBC), Endgame and JPod, and another with co-creators Craig David Wallace and Charles Picco of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil (premiering September 29 on Space).

Anthony and I also talk about premiere week – the hits and misses, American and Canadian style – and the latest Canadian shows premiering soon or in production now. Check out TV, eh? for all the news.

I also point people to Kate Taylor’s excellent Atkinson Series on Canadian culture in the digital age, in the Toronto Star. Go read it. All. Now.

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Diane Wild

Diane is the founder of TV, eh? She loves books, movies, TV, science, space, traveling, theatre, art, cats, and drinking multiple beverages at the same time.
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4 thoughts on “TV, eh? podcast episode 13: The Tudors and Todd”

  1. my first time visiting the website and I did so to hear the interview with Torrence Coombs. For his part he seems to be quite articulate and charming. I am a big fan of The Tudors and really enjoy his nasty character on it.
    If there is one thing I can’t abide its interviewers who don’t know there stuff. Diane

  2. Diane (I assume) made reference to this being season 3 of The Tudors which was incorrect and she seemed a little clueless in general about the show. Torrence’s ability to sound intelligent certainly made the interviewer seem less so.

  3. Thanks for your comments, S Martin. I do know the show but the season hadn’t premiered yet at the time of the interview and CBC didn’t provide screeners, so I had no way of knowing about this season with Torrance (who was indeed articulate and charming).

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