New tonight: Men With Brooms on CBC – “Favour Math”

MWB set 02 hiThe matter of who owes whom is hotly contested as Gary finds himself in debt to April after she helps him with a tax emergency. Desperate to clear the slate, Gary offers to help April move, with disastrous results for April’s property – and for Gary’s escape from servitude. Meanwhile, Pramesh is less than thrilled to find out he’s been appointed Employee of the Month at the business he co-owns, and Bill finds himself yearning for lost youth when a typo in the local paper sends him into mid-life crisis mode.


One thought on “New tonight: Men With Brooms on CBC – “Favour Math””

  1. With an audience of 301,000, it’s time for Canadian television viewers to ask themselves? “Why did this unfunny comedy ever go beyond a very short pitch to a CBC comedy executive?” Surely, our national broadcaster can do better than order a series based on a mediocre movie that failed at the domestic box office. That said, even the most mundane idea can become a decent television show if written and produced by competent, creative professionals. Alas, ‘…Brooms’ is not so lucky and it remains a dreadful program that will quickly and thankfully, fade away. But what really needs to go, are those network executives that continue to green light shows like ‘…Brooms,’ ‘The Ron James Show’ and ‘Little Mosque On The Prairie.’ We need comedy executives that recognize funny.

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