Battle of the Blades announces second chance week

From a media release:


  • All four eliminated pairs will perform next Sunday for a second chance to return to the competition

Tonight's bottom two pairs on Battle of the BladesTrick or treat indeed! It was announced during tonight’s BATTLE OF THE BLADES results show that all four eliminated pairs will be given a second chance to return to the competition. This was a surprise relief for this week’s iced pair, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Patrice Brisebois who still have a chance to win the competition and a $100,000 donation to their chosen charity.

Next Sunday, October 31, at 8 p.m., the four iced pairs: Christine “Tuffy” Hough-Sweeney and Russ Courtnall, Anabelle Langlois and Georges Laraque, Violetta Afanasieva and P.J. Stock, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Patrice Brisebois will return to the ice for a Halloween-themed performance. The two pairs receiving the highest scores from the judges and the most audience votes will move on to Monday’s show where they will skate for the opportunity to get back in the battle. The judges will then decide which pair returns to the competition the following week.

The top four pairs will not be performing next week and will watch the show from the stands next week. They are: Isabelle Brasseur and Todd Warriner, Katia Gordeeva and Valeri Bure, Kyoko Ina and Kelly Chase, Jamie Salé and Theo Fleury.

Viewers can learn more about the competitors at, the official online portal for the BATTLE OF THE BLADES. In addition to videos, blogs and behind-the-scene photos, the site offers viewers the opportunity to become fans of their favourite pair and track each participant’s activity as they strive to be the final pair remaining at the end of the series.


One thought on “Battle of the Blades announces second chance week”

  1. This has been a popularity contest from the first day it was broadcast last year. Shae Lynne Bourne is one of the finest female figure skaters, I feel, on the planet. Her class, poise, smooth delivery and expressive nature cannot be matched.

    Sandra Bezick has obviously never watched country dancing when she said Shae Lynne wasn’t country enough. Has Sandra ever heard of the song “I Hope You Dance?” Would she be jumping and jiving to that? Sandra has never been impressive and Jeremy Rodenick?

    Please, let this not turn into another pity party: Jamie Sale? Theo Fleury? – no more need be said.

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