TV, eh? podcast episode 17: The Further Adventures of Lip Ring

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Erin Karpluk 01 highThis week’s interview guests are Erin Karpluk and Adam Fergus of Being Erica, who talk about season three’s theme of transformation.

Anthony and Diane talk about Gemini host Cory Monteith (aka Lip Ring from Whistler) and recently announced presenters including Grace Park, Enrico Colantoni, and the cast of Rookie Blue, and the special Geminis going to Polka Dot Door and The New Music.

We’re less than ecstatic to announce that E! is coming back to Canada. And even more un-ecstatic that Canwest is now Shaw.

Is Being Erica on its way out, along with Shattered? Andrew Ryan of the Globe and Mail thinks so.

And we discuss DVR ratings boosting serial dramas in particular.

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