New tonight: Durham County on HBO Canada – “The World Ends”

Still consumed by grief, Mike tries to lay blame on Ivan for his family tragedy. Meanwhile, Ivan sets Miro up to take the fall for Katya’s death and informs Mike that he found her wedding rings in Miro’s car. Frustrated, Mike pushes Ivan to find out where Miro is hiding the drugs he lifted off the Chinese. When Sabina learns that Sadie ignored her orders to stay away from David Cho, she lets Mike decide if she should be allowed back on the case. Convinced she can get access to David’s computer, Sadie convinces her father to send her back out undercover. But Sadie, always her father’s daughter, pushes boundaries and breaks the rules, leaving Mike to illegally clean up her mistakes. Mike, traumatized and burdened by Sadie’s actions, seeks comfort from the only other dark horse he knows – Ivan. When the two end up in a drunken stupor, Ivan makes a startling confession.