Kenny vs. Spenny return with Christmas farewell

From a media release:

Kenny vs. Spenny: The final challenge

  • Canada’s oddest odd-couple desecrate the holidays with a Christmas-themed farewell

smallAfter six seasons, 87 episodes and 87 challenges, Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice reunite for a final showdown of (minimal) intelligence, (a complete absence of) integrity and (non-existent) agility in the Kenny vs. Spenny Christmas Special, airing December 23, 2010 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

The hour-long series finale follows the adversaries as they set out to make a Christmas-themed variety show. With the best of intentions, Spenny is determined to make a feel-good family holiday special but is blindsided by Kenny who seizes another opportunity to make Spenny’s life a living hell. The adult-aged delinquents attempt to throw a puppet show, remake the Charles Dicken’s classic A Christmas Carol and execute a holiday-themed challenge of epic proportions.

Fans sad to see the duo split have nothing to fear, both Kenny and Spenny return to Showcase this Spring and Summer with solo projects Single White Spenny and Kenny Hotz’s -Triumph of the Will.

“I’m tired of winning, beating Spenny was way too easy. My new show is going to make Kenny vs. Spenny look like Antiques Roadshow. Fasten your safety belts kids…and thank god for Showcase!” said Kenny Hotz.

“Kenny vs. Spenny was a total nightmare for me both physically and emotionally. The fact that it made people laugh makes it somewhat worthwhile,” said Spencer Rice. “I’m looking forward to my new show and hope that I can get just as many laughs without having to be covered with as many horrendous bodily fluids.”

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