6 thoughts on “The Tudors will be missed”

  1. I think we should do a petition to CBC about continuing the story, ‘The Tudors’. Which was more than just Henry there was the lives and times of the daughters Mary and Elizabeth. What a shame that this show does not continue!

  2. I agree! how great would that be to have the series continued with his daughters. I can’t express how much I have enjoyed this wonderfully written series, even my 10 year old son has watched every episode with me and just loves it! We are very sad that tonight will be are final night with the Tudors.

  3. I would sign that, Cynthia. There is precious little that I watch on tv religiously nowadays, but now that Tudors is ending I have one less.

  4. Oh please do not end the series. I. Idon’t knowo what I will do without the the continuation oof the Henry lineage.

  5. I can’t begin to imagine what I am going to do without the ‘Tudors’. What quality, what acting! An art form that has completely disapeared in US (and soon in Canadian) television. Thank you BBC and CBC. This has enriched my life beyond words.

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