TV, eh? podcast episode 22: Insidious Negative Popular Stereotyping

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We’ve got not one but three special guests this week – A Heartland Christmas guest star Nicholas Campbell (Da Vinci’s Inquest) joins series stars Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle about the Heartland movie that airs on CBC on December 12

But first a slightly tipsy Diane Wild and always ornery Anthony Marco discuss the bizarre starring turn of Canadian TV in the WikiLeaks documents, Yule Log gate – where Shaw backs down from plans to charge for the channel – and the disappearance of Montreal from the English TV landscape. Anthony also reflects on the career of beloved CityTV anchor Mark Dailey.

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One thought on “TV, eh? podcast episode 22: Insidious Negative Popular Stereotyping”

  1. Like the new look. Cleaner and more subtle. Dare I say…more Canadian?

    Thanks for continuing to be the best…booster is the wrong word for you. You’re more like the Loyal Opposition, in the way government in Parliamentary democracy’s supposed to work……committed to the ideals of there being Canadian TV, protective of that, but ready to rip the ruling class a new one when it’s needed…or even not.

    Put down that cat. It’s a compliment! :)

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