New tonight: Lost Girl finale on Showcase

Sunday, December 12 at 9pm ET/PT

Bo finally learns the truth about her mother and that the people closest to her have been keeping secrets about her past. Without knowing who to trust, Bo decides to track down her mother on her own in an effort to uncover the truth about her origins once and for all. While everyone else frantically searches for Bo, Dyson visits an ancient Norn, a wish-granting, tree-dwelling crone. To protect the woman he loves, he makes a sacrifice that may forever change his relationship with Bo. Paths cross in a final face-off between mother and daughter that forces Bo to choose whose life will be spared and whose will not.


2 thoughts on “New tonight: Lost Girl finale on Showcase”

  1. well to start off its dec.11 and this comment above is dec 13?? this was a very interesting episode. is trick dead at the end tho?

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